Deepest Secrets Of Zodiacs That You’ll Never Know Otherwise


Deepest Secrets Of Zodiacs

Do you know that every star sign comes with some secrets that are like second nature? Here’s your chance to uncover the deepest secrets of zodiacs.

We all have some skeletons in our cupboards. Whether it’s our unspoken desire, unexpressed love, or an embarrassing truth, we all keep some secrets close to our hearts. What’s interesting to know is, that the 12 zodiac signs come with their own set of secrets. So, it means, depending on the star sign you are born under, you are attributed with some things that you can’t help but keep under the wrap.

Do you want to know what is your deepest secret based on your zodiac sign? Then read the deepest secrets of each zodiac sign and see whether you can resonate with yours.

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The Deepest Secrets Of Zodiacs

These are the deepest secrets of zodiacs, things you will never know about them otherwise.

1. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

The deepest secrets of zodiacs, Aries edition:

  • They look like “don’t mess with me” but actually, they are “love me”
  • Too smart
  • They don’t care a lot about emotions… unless their own
  • One of the easiest ways to lose them is lying to them
  • They are cry babies
  • They talk too much, so it’s hard to know when they’re serious
  • Somehow they can convince people to do the most stupid things
  • Sexually frustrated 24/7
  • They’re strong.
  • They move their hands a lot when talking
  • They’re the kind of people who bite their lips when thinking and then accidentally bleed

2. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

The deepest secrets of zodiacs, Taurus edition:

  • On the outside, they look very calm and quiet, but on the inside, they burn like hell (they’re too intense)
  • They don’t lose control easily but they do lose it often
  • They have a hard time trusting/believing in people’s emotions
  • They could kill you if you hurt an animal
  • A great part of them have a great sleeping schedule
  • They care too much about the people they love
  • They cheat on board games
  • Very good friends
  • Too selective when choosing who to spend their time and energy with
  • They move their eyebrows a lot in their facial expressions
  • Stubborn
  • They don’t let people go completely
  • Their hugs are the best hugs when you have a bad day

3. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

The deepest secrets of zodiacs, Gemini edition:

  • Emotional mess (they feel nothing in the right way)
  • They know a lot of useful shit
  • But they don’t know what sleep means
  • Being bored is the worst thing that can happen to them (they get too mean, like little children)
  • Narcissistic AF
  • They express their feelings in thousands of different ways, however, none of them seem to work
  • Incomprehensible love for snacks
  • Misunderstood
  • They cover their feelings with humor/indifference 87% of the time
  • They can make anyone laugh, no kidding
  • They lie to themselves
  • Sensitive AF, if you spend a lot of time with them you’ll see they’re such babies
  • Very insecure
  • Random happiness/sadness attacks
  • Their brain is an exhausting roller coaster
  • Innocent without wanting to be
  • They seem to fit everywhere but nowhere at the same time

4. Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

The deepest secrets of zodiacs, Cancer edition:

  • They look like “love me” but actually, they’re like “I fuck with you or you fuck with me”
  • They don’t know how to handle their feelings, so they don’t
  • Drama,,,drama,,,dRAMa,,..drama
  • They can be too selfish
  • Unpredictable AF
  • Leave me alone, but give me attention
  • Their cellphone is part of their body
  • Their true friends know their family (even if they have never seen them) because of all the stories they tell, all the time
  • They victimize themselves a lot
  • They know how to listen and give the best advice ever but they don’t use it
  • That kind of person whose first impulse when doing eye contact with someone is smiling
  • They care a lot about what other people think
  • They play a lot with their hands and lips
  • The most adorable people when they’re not angry
  • Children love them
  • They can tranquilize people quickly
  • Misunderstood because they don’t let anyone understand them

5. Leo (July 23 – August 22)

The deepest secrets of zodiacs, Leo edition:

  • Very sharp ideas/way of thinking
  • High morale
  • They need constant acceptance/validation
  • If you do them one you pay ten
  • Always reading your intentions
  • They tend to joke about other people’s insecurities
  • They tend to do good things for people without even realizing
  • Despite being surrounded by people, they still can feel very alone
  • They talk to themselves when nobody’s watching
  • Insecure AF
  • A lot of craziness under the calm facade they have
  • They wink a lot
  • Will never cry or look vulnerable in front of others (unless they totally trust that person)

6. Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

The deepest secrets of zodiacs, Virgo edition:

  • They always look like they want to kill someone (maybe they do)
  • Public nerds
  • The most damaged sleeping schedules! lol! hello it’s 4 am
  • They read weird things
  • Super committed and helpful
  • They get angry when things are not done in their way
  • They’re the midpoint between introverts and extroverts
  • They have great stalking skills until they have no crush anymore
  • They can’t tolerate it when someone is angry at them, even if they’re the ones to blame
  • Their favorite acronym is lmao… laughing my anxiety off
  • They do this face a lot > 😏

7. Libra (September 23 – October 22)

The deepest secrets of zodiacs, Libra edition:

  • They’re always in love
  • They listen to shitty music but won’t admit it
  • Super emotional
  • They probably don’t know what is happening right now
  • They get too weird when they’re not comfortable
  • A stranger is a person they’re not friends with yet
  • They have good intentions
  • Creative
  • They blush easily
  • They have a hard time saying no
  • They hide things so they don’t disappoint people they care about
  • They try to make everyone happy, even if it’s exhausting

8. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

The deepest secrets of zodiacs, Scorpio edition:

  • They try to look rude, actually, they’re crybabies
  • Dark mind, bright personality
  • They have secret hobbies
  • They crave love
  • Talking to them will make you either appreciate life or want to jump off a bridge
  • They get easily offended.
  • Scary when angry
  • Protective with people they love
  • They hate being ignored
  • Random laugh attacks
  • They can make you laugh in the most fucked up moments
  • They’re that kind of people who give more priority to the problems of those who love than their own
  • They easily connect with music

9. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

The deepest secrets of zodiacs, Sagittarius edition:

  • Ready to disappear at any moment
  • They have watched every movie on Netflix
  • Using my emotions? Caring about yours? Nah, tomorrow… maybe
  • 34-hour-long naps
  • They fuck up 10 moments and make a very epic one
  • They have a hard time when apologizing
  • They have a hard time when asking for help, they believe they can do anything
  • Would yell at strangers if needed
  • Intentionally do things and then say they weren’t planned but went well anyway
  • They tend to be sad before sleeping
  • This is probably not a good idea but I’ll do it anyway
  • Very competitive, but never satisfied

10. Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

The deepest secrets of zodiacs, Capricorn edition:

  • Superiority complex
  • More party souls than you could imagine
  • They just want you to shut the fuck up
  • They’re cute until you’re obtrusive
  • Able to intimidate people for good or for bad
  • They recognize their mistakes and then apologize without making a lot of drama
  • They keep their cool in the craziest situations
  • Have random acts of love, like biting, cuddling, etc…
  • Can make you feel important one minute and shit in the next minute
  • Always have backup plans
  • Physical appearance is important
  • Always have weird obsessions
  • They play a lot with their feet
  • They need hugs and you to show them love, but will never say it

11. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

The deepest secrets of zodiacs, Aquarius edition:

  • They disappear with no reason
  • Cuter than you
  • They get confused when choosing between good and bad
  • Everything is overrated for them
  • They’re addicted to memes
  • Feelings out of control
  • They’re the special snowflakes cannabis 23/7
  • They will know if you lie
  • They lose their shit often
  • They think and feel more than they show
  • Rebels
  • The smartest ones

12. Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

The deepest secrets of zodiacs, Pisces edition:

  • They don’t like dealing with their responsibilities
  • They like music more than they like you
  • They like attention but not too much
  • They will never accept being the 2nd option for someone
  • Can listen to you for hours, without making it awkward
  • Fake friendliness (sometimes)
  • Too weird but in a sweet way
  • Super funny. Their humor is either too simple or too hard to understand
  • They overwhelm your mind
  • Big heart, even bigger imagination
  • Confused AF if you really analyze them they look like they’re stoned

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So, those were the deepest secrets of star signs. What are your deepest secrets according to astrology? Do let us know by commenting down below!

Deepest Secrets Of Zodiacs: What the 12 signs don't want you to know?
Deepest Secrets Of zodiacs
Deepest Secrets Of zodiacs
Deepest Secrets Of Zodiacs Youll Never Know pin
Deepest Secrets Of Zodiac pin
Deepest Secrets Of Zodiacs detail
Deepest Secrets Of Zodiacs detail

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    This is so freaking accurate like I’m an Aquarius and everything that they said id sp freaking true and then I saw Scorpio and it said they act tuff but they are really crybabies and then I was like that’s definitely Draco Malfoy lol

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