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The Best And Worst Things About Being Friends With Each Zodiac Sign

best and worst things about being friends

5. Leo (July 23 – August 22)

being friends with leo
The Best And Worst Things About Being Friends With Each Zodiac Sign

The Good: You got a big-time party animal as your friend but be rest assured no one sticks up for their friends like a Leo. The Lions have a deep sense of responsibility towards their friends and also possess a big heart, they are generous and sensitive to others’ feelings. Leo will generally know to appreciate those who are their real friends and you can always count on a Leo to take the lead in any situation.

The Bad: They love showing off and will do anything to be the main attraction. This friend of yours can be thoroughly carried away by their pride and the desire to be at the center of attention and that sometimes is irksome to you. We get that!! Leos have the constant need to feel validated and you will soon realize that they like to take the lead in any association for you to be the sub.

6. Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

being friends with virgo
The Best And Worst Things About Being Friends With Each Zodiac Sign

The Good: It’s true that if you want anything done right, ask a Virgo. Friendship is no less, although a Virgo may seem shy and introverted at first, once they open up and start talking about a topic that resonates with them, Virgos can open up a whole new, communicative side you didn’t see before. Virgos love the feeling of being needed, they never refuse to assist anyone or provide guidance in need. Moreover, your secret is always safe in their hands, you can tell your deepest dark secret to a Virgo and they will never judge you.

The Bad: Virgos are very choosy when it comes to friends and lovers—they won’t hang around with just anyone. Although they may offer criticism in a helpful spirit, no one likes to have his faults pointed out to them. For their love of order and perfection, they can often seem overbearing and controlling to you. Their too practical nature can seem like emotional detachment, you might want to zip up if you have the urge to correct your Virgo bestie.

7. Libra (September 23 – October 22)

being friends with libra
The Best And Worst Things About Being Friends With Each Zodiac Sign

The Good: Here comes your chatty and gullible friend. Charm is one of the main qualities associated with Librans. They are friendly and talkative, so everyone can be easily attracted to them. They are renowned for their diplomacy and always tries to see other people’s points of view. You might find yourself always impressed by the noble gentleness and the sense of balance that they often convey.

The Bad: Phew, you know it. Your charming friend is always judging one course against the other, trying to decide which is best, and therefore waste their strength in indecisiveness. Librans tend to avoid unpleasantness at all costs and likely to retreat whenever things get complicated. You might find them somewhat insincere because of their nature to compromise and they sometimes deliberately deceive to create harmony.

8. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

being friends with sco
The Best And Worst Things About Being Friends With Each Zodiac Sign

The Good: You have found a fearless and intriguing friend in your life, dear. As a friend of a Scorpio, you know they don’t need anything from you rather than your honesty and loyalty. Scorpions are the most focused and when they make a decision on something it’s almost impossible to divert them from their path and that includes devotion in friendships as well. They’re the most loyal and empathic, as a rule to those friends they do make.

The Bad: It is not their nature to make a fleeting acquaintance or light conversation and you may find them deep and difficult to understand. Scorpions can be quite calculating in forming relationships as they are quite secretive. Betrayal is something they absolutely loathe. Make sure you don’t let them down or hurt them deliberately, they can retaliate relentlessly. Surely you don’t want to see their bad side.

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