The Best And Worst Things About Being Friends With Each Zodiac Sign

best and worst things about being friends

Why certain relationships would continue for years and others could come to a complete halt within a few days. Understanding zodiac signs and how they intersect has helped answer the essential questions about how we interact with each other and the type of relationships that one should be looking for and for this article friendship.

Once we understand ourselves, then we are better equipped to understand and accept others.  I believe that by studying our astrological charts and those of others we can achieve greater self-awareness. Each of the 12 zodiac signs has a different meaning. They suggest different traits, characteristics, and talents. Zodiac signs provide insight into the types of relationships that we form with others, with our friends.

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Some signs are destined to be besties while some zodiac signs cannot fathom seeing each other. It all depends on the behavior of the different signs while being friends with others and how other signs perceive them. In this article, we glance upon how each zodiac sign behaves while being friends, the best and worst way.

1. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

being friends with aries
The Best And Worst Things About Being Friends With Each Zodiac Sign

The Good: They act as your cheerleader and can jump to any adventure and will also take you with them. This sign will motivate you to act, to achieve your goals. This bestie of yours is a great prankster, mind you but will never leave your side if things get hard.

The Bad: Aries speaks the truth, often without thinking of the consequences. Their honest and quite blunt nature can hurt their friends. Their major weakness is their impulsiveness and sometimes it may be hard for you to keep up with them. Aries is always ready to replace the old with the new, and this applies to their friendships. They are prone to get offended easily and are quick to anger which can impact their friendships.

2. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

being friends with taurus
The Best And Worst Things About Being Friends With Each Zodiac Sign

The Good: Taurus’ dependability, stability, and trustworthiness are qualities that make them excellent friends. Whenever you are looking for a hand to guide you, to listen to you patiently, you can rely on a Taurus.

This friend of yours will most likely accompany you for cozy night-outs and delicious snacks. Taurus won’t lie to you to make you feel comfortable, instead, he or she will give you their honest opinion and advice, all of which will help you grow as a person.

The Bad: Taurus may develop a very materialistic outlook and place too high a value on money and sometimes like to be associated with affluent and popular people. They are also brutishly stubborn and blind to reasoning, which can lead them to hurt your feelings if you are willing to voice your opinions which don’t go well with your friend’s traditional and unchanging thinkings.

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3. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

being friends with gem
The Best And Worst Things About Being Friends With Each Zodiac Sign

The Good: They are versatile and adaptable and they are always on the lookout for fresh ideas and interests. That is why making new friends is a piece of cake for them. You will always find them very lively and rather difficult to pin down and there are never dull moments with them.

If your opinions do not suit them, they will exchange ideas with you without too much discrimination. Their energy adds to the fuel of any function and among your friend’s circle, for they are always witty and poised.

The Bad: Although they are socially popular, they cannot resist gossip. Geminis are always on the lookout for something to discuss or criticize, good or bad. The Gemini places too much importance on facts rather than emotion. Sometimes these traits can make you displease them.

4. Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

being friends with cancer
The Best And Worst Things About Being Friends With Each Zodiac Sign

The Good: They are known as “Mother of Zodiac” because they care about each and every one, this friend of yours will act as your personal therapist. They will talk to you about the old days, for them have a good memory and never forget the friends they have made and the times they have had together. The keyword in any friendship has to be loyalty and with Cancer, this comes naturally, you can always rely on a Cancer and will always find a shoulder of them if a situation needs it.

The Bad: Cancers may dramatize the small things that upset them emotionally, they are prone to get over emotional in any relationship, and sometimes that can be suffocating you. Because they are easily influenced, criticism may cause them to climb into their shell and could contribute to an inferiority complex. If you try to overlook them, ignore or neglect them, they become moody and peevish and you may lose one of your great friends.

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