E-Celebrate With Style: 10 Creative Virtual Holiday Party Ideas To Connect Hearts


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Ten EPIC Virtual Holiday Party Ideas: Have Fun with Close Ones

With holiday 2023 approaching, it’s time to unwrap some creative virtual holiday party ideas for those separated by distance Let’s make your celebrations unforgettable!

This is the moment when you can wear those ugly sweaters, drink too much eggnog, and connect with those loved ones who are too far away to touch. When those snowball fights can’t happen, a floating reindeer in the virtual world can save your day from sadness.

10 Best Virtual Holiday Party Ideas For The Holiday Season

Is your best friend out in the world making a name for themselves? Is your favorite brother staying with their beloved in some love cave? Well, no worries! The holiday season isn’t going to be wasted because of distance.

Let’s talk about some of these exciting ideas for virtual holiday party to ensure everyone stays happy, content, and just a tad bit confused.

1. Virtual Carol Karaoke 

Okay, you are tone-deaf, but does it really matter when it’s over Zoom? Just put that blame on Zoom lag. In this idea for a virtual holiday party, all you gotta do is ask your most daring people to take on the task of singing.

Sing all those holiday classics on a roll and add in just a tad bit of extra facial expressions to make it all the more funny. There is nothing better than a bit of high-pitched laughter, is there?

To make it even more fun, add in those penalties for all the wrong lyrics that you sing. An idea from my side: If you forget your lyrics, just wear a Santa beard for the next round.

2. Guess The Gift 

Nope, we are not asking you to buy something exaggerated to gift someone as a present. We are asking you to wrap an item from your house as a gift–old shampoo bottles? Yes! A half-used container of face cream? Definitely! A potato from your kitchen? Yes, yes, yes!

Among the ideas for virtual holiday party, this one is my favorite. You will take turns in describing the item to your friends or siblings, without giving away any main clues as to what the item in the packaging is.

The rest of the attendees will guess what the item is. Make sure to choose something completely unrelated to the holiday. Let’s make them confused.

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3. DIY Ornament Showoff 

Ideas for virtual holiday party can only be interesting when someone totally flunks it, isn’t it? Make everyone create an ornament out of whatever they can find in the house within the next 10 minutes.

Can you imagine the results? Yeah, completely flunked. Remember to award those ornaments that can rightly go for the most likely ornament to make Santa cry and what on earth is that?

4. Eggnog Chug Challenge

How much eggnog can you drink? Yes! But don’t go overboard with the spirit of these virtual holiday party ideas. Convert the eggnog drinking festivity to a competition and see who can drink the most.

Don’t like eggnog? No worries! Just swap it out with another festive drink. There’s nothing like some red cranberry juice for a Christmas party.

5. Santa’s Worst Helper 

What’s Christmas without gifts? This is one of those virtual holiday party ideas where you suggest the worst possible ones that could be present on the face of the earth. Rubber duckies, anyone?

Award those ideas that are worst in the sense of being weird, impractical, and just a whole lot creative.

6. Dressing Your Pet

What could be more fun dressing your pet in those red cockroach antlers? Get in the holiday spirit and get your pet to look the best amongst all. In the ideas for virtual holiday party, you don’t necessarily need to have a pet.

Just dress up that plant you always despised in your house or that ketchup bottle? 

7. Holiday Quizzes

Do you have an attendee whose GK is just the absolute worst? Let’s just pull their tail a bit as you take on the challenge in these fun virtual holiday party activities. Use Kahoot or QuizUp to ask those fun questions about holiday facts, traditions, and movies.

Goofy questions are allowed too– think about questions like what’s that reindeer? Or, Is this a gingerbread man cookie?

 8. Make a Virtual Gingerbread House

These virtual holiday party ideas have all the different concepts to get excited. Use a piece of pen and paper or you can use a virtual drawing board to create a gingerbread house to the best of your capabilities.

Use a timer and vote on categories for the different ones that are made–such as strong as the hulk or wouldn’t even offer to the Grinch.

9. Virtual Escape Room

You can use the ideas for virtual holiday party to put those gears in your head to use. You will find several platforms online provide for virtual escape rooms that would perfectly match the holiday spirit. Take turns in solving different rooms and mark the lowest time.

You can design your escape room as well with Google forms, if you want to be more creative.

10. Can You Wrap the Gift?

You can also wrap a gift in these virtual holiday party ideas and it would be just as fun. This is going to be a team concept, where one would be blindfolded and use their hands to wrap a gift. The other team member will instruct the hands to work as they could see everything.

Confuse them more with your loud voices. The more chaotic it becomes, the better.

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Virtual holiday party games can be just as fun, quirky, and memorable as in-person ones. All you gotta do is be just a little more creative with your thoughts.

And remember, there’s one undeniable advantage to a virtual bash: when your talkative Uncle starts his annual rant about fruitcake, the “mute” button is just a click away. There’s nothing better than family! You gotta love those holidays

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) –

How can I conduct a virtual holiday party?

You can hold a zoom conference call to hold the virtual holiday party. Plan for an enjoyable event that everyone can participate in during the party.

Can virtual holiday party games come for cheap?

Yes, it can get as cheap as using an old shampoo bottle lying around your house. You can use a cloth or wrapping paper to wrap it into a gift. Have fun guessing this item.

Can movie nights also be arranged in a virtual holiday party?

Yes, you can arrange movie nights during a virtual holiday party through a virtual conferencing room. All of you can watch Netflix movies through online applications together as you chat on the system as well.  

Ideas for a Virtual Holiday Party
10 Virtual Holiday Party Ideas For Work

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