5 Behaviors You Should NEVER TOLERATE In Dating

behaviors never tolerate in dating

Behavior #4 To Never Accept From A Man: Constant Criticism Around Who You Are

If we have had a childhood where we were often criticized by our parents or our primary caregivers and we always had to prove our worth to them, we are likely to attract a romantic partner who acts similarly.

This is the man who is critical about almost everything you do.

Instead of making you feel loved, he is going to constantly criticize you, tell you how you should do everything better, how you should be more social, how you’re too introverted or how you’re too extroverted.

It could go as far as a man criticizing you on how you should brush your hair, how you should ramp up your choice in stockings or even clean your teeth better…

Very often, women don’t realize how toxic this is, and end up feeling ‘not good enough.’

I’m here to tell you, this kind of constant criticism is not normal, and it’s something to absolutely not tolerate in dating.

You don’t have to go through this.

You don’t have to accept constant criticism from a man – especially from a man you are just dating!

You deserve to feel good in love. Not bad, not bullied, not constantly told what is missing or not good enough about you.

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Behavior #5 To Not Tolerate In Dating: Challenging Your Boundaries

You say ‘no’ to the second glass of wine, and he pushes you into having it.

If you keep saying ‘no,’ he shames you for it and tells you you’re ‘not fun enough.’

Or maybe you say, “No, I don’t want to travel that far to see you,” and he guilt-trips you into driving two hours to meet him because, otherwise, you’re ‘not caring enough’ or ‘not a good person.’

Or maybe you tell him, “It’s too soon for sex,” and you’d like to take it slow, and he keeps asking and pushing and tells you you’re ‘a prude’ and how this is the most normal way to date.

Watch the signs.

You don’t deserve to be treated this way. Show the door to any man who challenges you in this way repeatedly.

Your boundaries need to be respected. A man who’s truly into you will be able to handle your boundaries, as well as have healthy boundaries of his own.

In fact, your boundaries are what makes a high-value man feel more attracted to you. 

The Way Forward

This is a very basic list of the worst behaviors to not tolerate in dating, and just following it will save you from so much heartbreak from men.

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I’m so excited to help you attract your dream love in a healthy, empowered, high-value way!

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Written By Sami Wunder
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behaviors never tolerate in dating pinop
5 Behaviors You Should NEVER TOLERATE In Dating
behaviors never tolerate in dating pin
5 Behaviors You Should NEVER TOLERATE In Dating
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