Harsh Brutal Truths About Your Zodiac Sign

Harsh Brutal Truths About Your Zodiac Sign

Honest brutal truths about your zodiac sign! Read at your own risk

Articles are mostly written on the positive side of the zodiac signs, and we all love to read those articles.

However, sometimes it is necessary to face your demons, to become familiar with your negative side.

You may find the things written about your sign offensive. Be advised to proceed at your own risk.

But then again, it’s not meant to be nice, and if you’re not okay with it, you’re probably a crying Cancer.

Harsh Brutal Truths About Your Zodiac Sign
Harsh Brutal Truths About Your Zodiac Sign

Some brutal truths about your zodiac:


Impulsive, Rabid Brutes

The symbol of Aries is Ram, and that explains most of it. They charge headlong into their goals without thinking about the consequences that may follow.

In other words, when stripped off of their dynamism and charisma, Aries are basically selfish, immature and impulsive brutes in their pursuit of something. This actually sounds pretty classy, right?

Wait till you see them have their favorite hamburger.

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Taureans are basically slow, lazy-ass materialists, to put in simple words. As a cherry on top of it, they are immensely confident about themselves and their petty pursuits. Good for them.

Intellectual and spiritual thinking don’t interest Taureans, but they think their purpose on Earth is to teach people how to live. Under the facade, these people mean business and only business. Also, they’re driven by greed – perhaps a Taurean will still be busy counting money on the judgment day.

They’re idiots who think they know too much.


Shallow Windbags

Ah, Gemini, the intellectual sounding ones. But when paid a little attention to their infinite words of wisdom, they really come off as fat bags filled with hot air.

They could practice some kind of exercise in word economy, but then again, that would blow their cover as intellectual geniuses. Their wisdom is mostly gathered bits of interesting information and anecdotes, and it becomes evident as they jump from one subject to another in a discussion.

In reality, they’re shallow, pretentious people with no real depth.


Lil’ Whiners

Cancer would call themselves hyper-sensitive and you won’t ever be able to tell how they actually feel, but hear this simple statement. Cancers are probably the worst whiners among all the signs.

They are too busy victimizing themselves, and while you may feel like they need some serious toughening up, that won’t ever happen.

Oh, and one more thing. You reveal way too much about your friends in front of strangers. Random people just don’t care about you and your friend’s duck hunting adventure in third grade.

Get over it.

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Pompous Blowhards

Leos are probably busy congratulating themselves about something they didn’t exclusively achieve because they’re typically self-centered.

Sometimes, they overlook their contrasting insecurities and constant need for praise.

All they get is shallow compliments from selfish panegyrists, and when deprived of even that, they begin complementing themselves like narcissistic maniacs.

Leos are self-obsessed tyrants.


Neurotic Doormats

Virgos are uptight militants who mean decorum and follow their petty routine like a godforsaken religion.

They are neurotically unable to just let loose and have fun, and this nature would propagate them towards an effective career in clergy and management. However, the same reason would make them horrific partners in bed.

Furthermore, they suffer from OCD and will start panicking if anything seems out of place, according to them, of course.


Hypocritical People Pleasers

Libra will go to any extent to be accepted and liked by their peers, and with little or no trouble, they will take the shape of the mold you’d put them in. What they inherently lack is a backbone, and an ability to make a decision.

A Libra treats a restaurant menu like some sort of a museum catalog, and will pester the waiter with annoying questions before you go, ‘Just pick something, for god’s sake!’ This is why a dinner date with Libra will probably end in a disaster.

They just don’t do the independent decision making.

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