Bad Relationships Are Not Mistakes

Bad Relationships Are Not Mistakes

A one seemingly wrong relationship should never be able to have the power to make you stop believing in relationships altogether. You have survived the ticking time, one unsuccessful relationship is nothing before that. How can it not be better to be living to your fullest? — being happy also couldn’t hurt. Why wallow in some bad parts of something that has ended already?

That being said.

I don’t want you to mistake a relationship to be any kind of necessity to live and achieve happiness.

A broken relationship might be a good way for you to enter into a relationship with yourself. It is never a bad idea to fall for yourself and learn facts about the new you-of-now. Likewise, you could choose to invest all your emotions in something else altogether — like friendship, perhaps. Or really, anything at all.

Time is always going to be ticking and you are always going to have to be changing — you might as well be happy and contented while you’re at it. Keep what makes you strong, leave everything that looks wrong to you, and just be happy.

Sitting and sobbing has done nobody any good. Smile and live. Setting yourself on a journey to happiness is the best way you’ll ever find to move on.

Bad Relationships Are Not Mistakes
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