13 Signs They Are Into You Too


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Signs They Are Into You Too

How many times have you fallen for someone and expressed your feelings quite prematurely? Sometimes it’s tricky to understand whether or not your feelings are mutual. But we are here to help you out! Look for these 13 subtle clues to know about their feelings. So are they into you?

It is always a good idea to find out whether your love interest is into you too, before making a deliberate move like ordering a dozen roses for them or asking them out on their birthday. But how to know if they are into you? Is it that simple to guess what’s going on in another person’s mind?

Well, yes! If your special someone wants to reciprocate your feelings, they will send off some voluntary and involuntary signals through their body language and communication. These physical and behavioral indicators tell you that your love is not unrequited and these are signs they are into you too.

Are They Into You? 13 Signs To Your Rescue

When they are not being direct about their feelings, watch out for these 13 signs that will give away their true desires. When you are attentive, the query of how to know if someone is into you simply answers itself.

signs they are into you

1. The Closer The Better

When someone is attracted to you, they won’t be able to resist the temptation of being close to you. If your special someone steals every opportunity to sit next to you or touch your shoulder playfully, this could mean that they are into you too. Research proves that non-sexual physical contact between partners plays an important role in their overall well-being.

2. For Their Eyes Only

Do you catch your love interest sneaking a peek at you when you are not looking at them? Or when you are engaged in a conversation, do they look at you intently with a deep and strong gaze? Strong and prolonged eye contact as well as stealing glances could mean they are into you too.

3. Better For You

You might be the least superficial person on earth yet they try to look the best when they are around you. They will leave no stone unturned to appear visually appealing. They will take care of their personal appearance, make sure that they are in their finest clothes, smell heavenly, and sport cool shoes and accessories when they are with you. Also, watch out for quick little tricks like them fixing their hair or adjusting their shirt when you are not looking; these are tell-tale signs screaming they are into you.

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4. All Ears

How many times have you seen people sitting with each other but looking down at their phones? This will not happen when someone is interested in you. They will pay close attention to everything that you say and will keep their phones away or on silent mode. You will get their undivided attention whenever you two are meeting each other. Are you still wondering how to know if they are into you? If they pay enough attention, they are into you.

Say you go out with a person and they spend all their time either talking about themselves or tapping away on their phones; are they into you? Sadly no.

5. Elephant’s Memory

A person who is into you will not only listen to you, but they will also remember everything you said about yourself, your family, your childhood, and your past relationships. They will remember every important detail like your birthday, your favorite ice cream flavor, or your go-to music genre when you get upset.

Paying attention and remembering things about you are strong signs they are into you too.

6. Big Small Talks

If someone likes you and they are keen to know more about you, they will not get tired of the small talks. Whenever they get a chance from their busy schedule, they will check in with you and engage in conversations that might seem casual but are pretty meaningful to them. For a person who is into you, small talks are not for being polite or passing the time, they are ways to know more about you.

Suppose you have someone who sends you messages to know about your day and strikes up conversations about your favorite holiday destinations. Are they into you? Hell yeah!

7. Dilating Pupils

How to know if someone is into you? Look into their eyes!

We know that dilation of pupils happens under the influence of drugs or alcohol or when we go for an eye checkup but what many of us don’t know is that it can also happen as a biological reaction to attraction or ahem… sexual excitement. We will spare you the details on how the release of happy hormones like dopamine and oxytocin influences our pupils and just give you a heads-up to look into their eyes the next time you see them.

8. Blushing Red

Do you find them blushing each time you give them a nice compliment? Flushed skin is often an indicator of being emotional. We can blush when we are excited, embarrassed, or insulted, and so keeping the context in mind, see whether your person of interest has a tendency to blush in your presence. Their blushing can be a response to the rush of adrenaline they get by being near you.

Do you blush when you see them? Then the feelings are mutual, they are into you as much as you are into them.

9. Asking Questions

So we have already covered that, if your love interest is into you too, they will listen to you and remember your little life stories. But another thing that will tell on them is their asking questions about you. If you are keen on how to know if they are into you, take note now. They will keep asking you about your likes and dislikes, your hobbies, your goals, and of course about your love life. If you find that they ask too many questions about your life, be rest assured that they are into you too.

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10. Taking Initiative

When someone is into you, they will be proactive in arranging your meetups and make creative plans for the time you two will spend together. They will spare no effort to make you feel special and comfortable. You will not feel that you are the only one who is eager for the rendezvous; they will match your enthusiasm and excitement.

How to know if they are into you? Take a step back and see whether they step up or not.

11. A Second Too Long

Whereas it is absolutely natural to hug or hold hands with a friend, when it comes to your special someone, the physical intimacy will always last a second too long. They will let go of you slowly and you will feel the vibe of longingness when they wrap their arms around you or tightly clasp your hand in public. Your gut will tell you that you are more than a friend to them, they are into you!

12. Thought That Matters

They will always be very thoughtful when it comes to you. All the gifts they give you, all the dinner plans they make, everything will tell you that you have been on their mind. Be it the video game for your birthday, that you have been wanting forever or the lasagna that was made just the way you love, every little gesture will be thoughtful and will be made keeping your feelings in mind.

13. All Yours

Do they stay up late to chat with you? If the person who doesn’t even look at their phone when they are with you is always prompt and responsive to your chats and messages when away from you, you can relax, this signs they are into you too.

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Are They Into You? Some More Points To Check Out!

  • They ask your opinion a lot
  • They want you to meet their friends
  • They are sensitive to your remarks
  • You bring a smile to their face
  • They give you a lot of compliments
  • They laugh even at your bad jokes
  • They want to try out new things with you

Attraction Shouldn’t Be A Guessing Game

After all, is said and done, we would encourage you to be direct about your emotion and not keep the other person guessing. Someone has to take the lead and if you have seen your romantic interest exhibit these signs, they are into you too! So what’s stopping you from expressing yourself?

Do you know someone who sends off these signals when they are with you? or are you the one who is showing these signs of attraction? Don’t forget to let us know by leaving a comment below.

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