The Ancient Five Element Personality Test That’ll Help You Find True Love


The Ancient Five Element Personality Test That'll Help You Find True Love

If you are looking for love, then the very famous and ancient Five Element Personality Test can hugely help you in your endeavor.

The behavior of people vary differently, some appear to be rude and are always upset, while some are filled with joy and seem friendly. The two major reasons for this variation are how one was raised and how one was treated by society or in school.

The demons from the past keep haunting. This often becomes the reason for relationships to weaken or for the worse, break. However, knowing about your element gives you a quick overview of how your ride ahead is going to be.

Chinese physicians believed that the universe is composed of five elements water, earth, fire, wood, and metal. They also proposed that people are led by anyone or two elements and these influence our behavior, health, and emotions as well.

The Five Element Personality Test is based on five founding elements of the universe. Using this 5000-year-old Asian concept we can bring some clarity and understanding to our relationships once we know which element is prominent in us.

A Brief Overview Of The 5 Element Types:

1. Water types

They are persistent, quiet, creative but prone to feeling sorry for themselves.

2. Fire types

They are fun, joyful, ever-smiling, but they are bad with commitments and sort of unstable for that matter.

3. Earth types

They are humble, caring, compassionate and full of life but they tend to overthink and over worry at times.

4. Wood types

They are fierce, bold, aggressive, determined and they are keepers by nature.

5. Metal types

They are calm, intelligent, and down to earth, sort of practical, reverent but they have the tendency to detach themselves from people.

Below we have an overview of each type followed by the best matches for them.

1. Water types

The philosophers

Water types are persistent people. They adapt to any environment and are quick to fit in any circle. They dive deep in life and try not to miss a detail. These are the people you will find dancing with the drops of rain as it touches their foreheads and tickles their cheeks all the way into their soul.

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You will find them soaking up the smell of earth given off by the first drops of rain. ‘Hurry’ is not their cup of tea, they believe in persistence rather than worry. They never make hasty decisions and you will find them taking their time to speak, walk or conclude anything.

Water types are full of innovative and inspiring ideas but putting the ideas to action is not their type of thing. They get overwhelmed by details at times and look for someone to take care of little things for them.

2. Wood types

The pioneers

Wood types are people with roots deep in the ground. They are fearless, determined, independent, bold, unapologetic and logical. They take no bullshit, they cannot stand injustice, and if they have a problem and that means you’re in a problem. This makes them incredibly powerful. They are supportive and if they are into you, they can take a bullet for you.

Their determination is so strong that if their mind can perceive it and their heart can believe it, then they can do it. They are not someone that can be manipulated. Once they make up their mind nothing can convince them otherwise. This trait makes them stronger but when it comes to personal relationships, this same trait causes some problems.

When water and wood get together 

Water and wood together can do wonders. Water can come up with ideas and wood can put it to action, so it’s a win-win for both of them. Water gives the float needed to wood and in return, the wood fulfills the productivity needed by the water.

3. Fire types

The wizards

They are the liveliest and joyful of humans one would ever meet. The spell of sadness cast upon us never seems to affect them. They are always excited, full of energy, and their flawless evergreen smile is what defines them.

Every day is a reason for the best things to happen. They are hardcore optimists, and they have this natural ability to brighten up people. One can hardly get tired or bored with their unending talks. Crazy? Nah, full of life is the word for them.

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They believe in spreading smiles and they simply love everybody and this may make you feel that their love for you is not sincere. They are naturally drawn to high vibes, are fun and pleasure-seeking individuals.

If something is not exciting, it’s not worth their time. They are loyal and they stay dedicated. But if they are taken for granted and they know that there is no pleasure left and the relationship is not making sense anymore, they choose to move on.

Wood blends along with fire

Wood and fire make the best of couples, wood appreciates the joyfulness in fire, while fire falls for the determination and strength of wood. Wood can keep the fire burning that is to keep it focused on track while the fire helps the wood to relax and have fun.

4. Earth types

The angels

They are the most caring of all. Their love is never-ending. If they don’t have someone, their love will be poured in animals or plants. They are the true worshipper of nature. They are generous human beings because they don’t love you, just by saying it but they make you feel it.

They pour their heart out in every little thing they do, the gifts you receive will mostly be handcrafted which have their touch of love. They do have expectations. Deep down they do expect you to love in return. They are careful of not hurting anyone, they will want to go with the flow, just to see you happy.

Fire hugs the earth

Earth and fire have a warm and loving relationship. Their support for each other is soulful. The fire motivates the earth and fills it with its energy while earth makes fire feel at home with all its love and care. The fire teaches the art of smiling and spreading joy to earth while earth returns the favor by teaching to be calm and stay motivated.

5. Metal types

The alchemists

The calm self-content, enlightened soul seeking the truth, those are the metal types. The ups and downs of life don’t affect them, they are the spiritual seekers on a journey to find themselves and truth of course.

The metal person has a higher vibe and their frequency resonates with the universe and if you don’t fit into their way of life or their vision of life, they will end the relationship. But not with arguments or struggle, they will prefer to do it politely.

It may seem rude and cold but they know things can get toxic if they don’t end the relationship soon. They move on to something that resonates at their level. They can see beyond emotions. It’s not that they are cold: just that they look for meaning in everything.

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 Earth accommodates metal

The earth will appreciate the wisdom of metal and the metal will dive into the compassion offered by the earth. While earth shows a way of being connected with people, metal teaches the benefit of solitude and that detachment is okay at times. The earth shows what life has to offer and the metal makes clear what can be done with it.

Metal meets water

When metal meets water there is peace. They are still drowning in each other’s knowledge. It’s like two great minds sharing ideas. There is no roller coaster or fireworks but calm where words of wisdom flow.

The water questions everything and looks for logical meaning into things while the metal seeks enlightenment. When these two meet, it’s actually the meeting of two minds. The metal helps the wood to stay focused on its work while the wood helps the metal to get along in the world.

Love is not always a very straightforward thing, and finding the right person for yourself can be somewhat of a challenge, at times. But, this ancient Five Element Personality Test might make the process a bit easier for you.

Let us know in the comments which element you belong to!

If you want to know more about the Ancient Five Element Personality Test, then you might find this video interesting:

The Ancient Five Element Personality Test
The Ancient Five Element Personality Test
The Ancient Five Element Personality Test That'll Help You Find True Love

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