9 Truths Only Death Can Teach Us About Life

9 Truths Only Death Can Teach Us About Life

Death can teach us the very meaning of human existence!
A lot of people fear death but facing death or the fact of dying is the main criterion when it comes to understanding the significance of living. Because death is inevitable and is always with us in every passing moment. We are only fools to think that death is waiting at the end of a certain age or at the end of the long road.

People who have died may have gone to a better world if there exists such a world. We don’t know that and for centuries, people have remained curious about it. But there have been many loving spirits who have come down after their death and communicated with their loved ones.

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It can be concluded from the decades of research, sayings of spiritual leaders and experiences of people who faced death or near-death situations that death has got wisdom to offer. And to seek this wisdom you need not wait until the end of your life.

Here are some of the wise words that only death can teach us about life

1. Karmic Retribution

We have been fed this belief that somehow our karma is punishing or blessing us in this life. This karma is, of course, not the karma of our life now, but rather our previous life. It is that constant consolation or worry that somehow, we did something terrible in our past life and that is what’s making us miserable now. However, this is a terribly defeatist attitude. Karma doesn’t work that way – your past life has nothing to do with your current life. This kind of thinking will take away the spark from your present life too since you will always be wary of what you are doing and end up losing all the fun. With Karma, it is not a simple eye-for-an-eye concept – it’s so much more.

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2. Predetermined reason to live

It is supposed that when we come into this life, we already carry a purpose. This might be true but we spend way too much time trying to figure out the reason why we are here. In due time, it kind of becomes an obsession and the meaning of our lives starts centering on finding what its purpose is. It’s almost absurd how these things work – but if you think about it, we are not meant to know our purpose, at least, that easily. If you really get to know what your purpose is; life, as a search for purpose, would lose all meaning. Yes, you will be enlightened – but could you live that kind of life?

3. Nothing is permanent

This is a cliched idea but it remains one of the true facts in this world – everything keeps changing and there is nothing we can do about it. Death teaches that the best thing we can do is accept the change and try not to be disturbed by it. It’s just like that Hindu philosophy where the world is nothing more than an Illusion (‘Maya’) – fleeting.

4. Life is actually amazing

Life can be hard and sometimes we can mess it up. We regret it a lot and when the regret gets worse, then we might even call this life a curse. Some of us may have even wanted not to exist. But that is just the kind of thought that we can have because we don’t know anything about death. Life is beautiful – even the mistakes of it. We should try to appreciate it more rather than dub it as terrible. If anything, death can teach us that life is actually amazing.

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