9 Signs He Is Totally Smitten With You

Signs He Totally Smitten With You

Understanding whether a man has genuine feelings for you and wants a future with you or not can be perplexing at times. Sometimes he might seem like he is totally smitten with you, and the very next moment he might pull back. What actually goes on in a man’s mind, only he knows.

But the good news is that men are not as complicated as they are made out to be. You just have to notice carefully, what they are trying to tell you and show you. They might not always be expressive, but their actions and behaviors will definitely give you many hints about their thoughts and feelings. You just have to look.

Here Are 9 Signs He Is Totally Smitten With You

9 Signs He Is Totally Smitten With You
9 Signs He Is Totally Smitten With You

1. He will always tell you.

For all the talk of men not being expressive, this is one thing you can count on — they will tell you what you mean to them if you are The One. Men might be ingrained by society to never show vulnerability or wear their hearts on their sleeves, but they will never be able to keep in their feelings about you for long — lest some other man takes you away.

So, if a man genuinely likes you and is smitten by you, then this is the best sign. He will always be transparent and honest about his feelings for you, and won’t ever back down from his words.

2. You’ll be prioritized.

You will know your significance just by what position you hold in his life. He’ll not just listen to you, he’ll pay attention. He won’t just hang out with you, he’ll plan an outing with a lot of excitement. He’ll not just chat with you, he’ll be willing to sit down and talk. You will know you are valued and that he is smitten with you when your presence will be valued and so will your opinions. He will take you seriously because he is serious about you.

Prioritizing should not be confused with dropping everything on hand and rushing to your whims and fancies — that’s actually unhealthy. Giving importance and giving space, quite surprisingly, go very hand in hand.

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3. He’ll make it obvious by making his actions count.

As they say, it is the little things. Things like him texting you — not just while being drunk or when he is not being able to sleep, but even when he is sober and completely fine. He will send you cutesy texts or gifs just because he misses you — or because he wants to make you smile. He won’t be shy to hold your hand and declare that he is taken and you are the one for him.

You’ll find yourself being treated to his caring and loving nature when you are least expecting it and find him fishing for your smiles whenever he can. He’ll also be prepared to take things slow if that is the pace you have set because he knows it’s what you want and he knows he can wait his whole life for you.

4. He’ll listen to you like you have a say — because you do.

If he is serious about you, he will always ask for your opinion because your thoughts and opinions matter to him a lot. He will ask for your advice even when it’s not related to you or the relationship. He will talk to you and really consider your opinion if you have any — without making you feel stupid about it or shooting it down harshly.

You will feel like an equal partner and you will be aware of him including you in his life’s important decisions. More because he believes you will be around in the long run and hence, by extension, what you say and think matters a lot.

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