If He Does These Things For You He Is Definitely In Love With You

 January 14, 2017

If He Does These Things For You He Is Definitely In Love With You

When it comes to men, actions really do speak louder than words. If your boyfriend does these things, you can rest assure that he loves you:

1) All His Future Plans Will Include You

Heard him talking about this place in Asia he plans to visit with you or how he will treat you with a surprise on his 28th birthday or how you will be the one to design his apartment when he owns one. Well, all these are the signs that he plans you to be a part of his future. Lucky You !


2) He Texts You Almost Every Morning

Does your phone beeps every morning with a call from him or his text? Isn’t it a good feeling to know you are in his day’s first thought.


3) He Cannot Hide You From His Closed Ones

We cannot but hide our affection for someone, specially with those who matter to us. He might be willingly or unwillingly spilling love beans all around himself. He might be wanting to show you around to everyone. If he’s into something like this be confident he is here to stay.


4) He Will Listen To You. Every Detail

Yes, he will. He will exhibit interest in knowing about your day, what’s going around in your life, your plans and he will pay attention to every detail you say.


5) He Will Voluntarily Care For You, Look After You

You will notice little things he does just to make you smile. He will make it a point to look after you, look after your needs and take care of you. He will always be present when you need him emotionally. He’ll do his best to comfort you and make you happy.


6) He Will Give You Time And Respond To All Your Calls

Your guy will definitely give his all to make time for you whenever possible and not make excuses. He will answer your call and call you back if missed, by chance. Above all, he will give you priority in his life and will be dedicated to you completely.


7) There Will Be Occasional Jealousy, Which Is Fine

He might not gel up well with all your guy friends and show disinterest in a cute way. This is because he wants to spend most of his time with you and is seeking attention. He won’t be a fan of you dividing your attention between him and your friends. But, he’ll certainly won’t hate them.


8) He Is The Happiest Every Time He Sees You

And a big smile on his lighted face. You will notice how his energy levels boost up with you around. This is what love is when the presence of each other makes them happy.

9) He Will Compromise And Adjust

Starting from a movie to a restaurant, he will happily take your choices into account. No matter how much of a movie snob or stubborn he is about his diet preferences. He will always save up an extra pizza slice for you.

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