7 Ways To Make Him Fall in Love Over Text Message

Make Him Fall in Love Over Text Message

In fact, I have a few male clients who love to lead in a relationship— though after a week of calling and texting a woman, if she doesn’t start reciprocating, they lose interest.

They feel like a woman who doesn’t reach out at all are either not that interested or lack confidence and are playing games.

These kind of men are looking for a co-pilot in life, not a passenger. Now that you know what sort of texts to send a man to get his heart beating just for you, here a couple of extra tips for your texting strategy.

5. Be more assumptive in your messages.

You might be wondering what on earth this means.

Particularly when most of us have been brought up to never assume anything about anyone.

Though in the texting world, this is magic.

If you want to meet up with the guy rather than waiting for him to ask you out or you asking him, you could send him a text message in a way that suggests that he would, of course, want to join you.

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For example:

“I heard about this comedy show on Saturday. You should come. It’ll be fun.” or you could even be more assumptive and say, “I heard about this comedy show on Saturday. Let’s do it!”

This is attractive and alluring to a guy because you’re assuming that the answer is a yes and you’re approaching him with pure confidence.

Remember what I said about confidence? That’s right. It’s sexy. You believe that he wants to see you and you’re not expecting a no. It’s cute and sexy.

He will love you for this and you can use this type of flirty text for any situation like a restaurant you want to try, watching volleyball at the beach, seeing a movie, going to a Salsa class, going to talk about something of interest to both of you, anything really.

6. Don’t overindulge in texting a man.

A way to get a man hooked is to not over text message.

For example, if you’re out exercising and texting stops the flow effectiveness of your workout, then why would you read and respond to a text?

When you do this, you’re not honoring yourself completely. Perhaps don’t respond until once you’re done. Or you can tell him you’re about to exercise and that you’ll respond later.

Same goes for if you’re out with friends and texting him all night.

Sure, he will like the attention because you’re prioritizing him while you’re out with other people. Though he will also wonder why you’re not having fun with your friends.

He might also wonder what your friends think of you having your head down in your phone all evening.

Not being present and available to your friends is not what you call pro-friendship behavior. Yes, involving your friends in a conversation you’re having with a guy can be entertaining— though it’s still making the whole evening all about him or you rather than being about other things.

Don’t be a slave to technology or to him. He will love you for this and he will also love it when you spend time with him and you’re not constantly texting friends.

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7. Don’t flood him with texts.

Texting should be like a tennis match. You wait for him to return the ball before you send one back.

While texting is important in a budding romantic relationship, if done excessively, it creates a false form of attachment. Being clingy or needy in your tone or texting at the stalker-like frequency is not what quality men find attractive.

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  1. I feel like if I texted him saying Woke up early today but decided to get up and drive to the beach to watch the sunrise.” he would say ok so I’m not sure if it would work to help him fall in love with me

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