7 Tips to Raise A Self-sufficient Child


7 Tips to Raise A Self-sufficient Child

A self-sufficient kid is a calm child who does not depend on his/her parents for even the smallest things. Some parents like to pamper their child so much that they forget the importance of certain values and principles. The parental sentiments towards their child are understandable, however, they may lead to a rude, insensitive, thoughtless, spoilt next generation.

Why Is It Important to Raise Self-sufficiency Kids?

When a child learns the skills of self-sufficiency and does everything himself/herself, child’s confidence grows from stepping out of their comfort zone. Self-confidence is the key to many things in life.

If you teach your child how to be self-sufficient, you will build your child’s positive self-image as he or she grows independent. Self-sufficiency will also be reflected in adulthood when they have to do everything themselves. Following are the reasons why you should let the child do his/her own stuff:

It will eventually become easy for parents to raise children,

Parents can take more time for themselves,

It will help to enhance the self-esteem of the child,

●       The kid will believe that parents trust him/her,

●       There will be better parent-child connection,

●       Kids will receive self-satisfaction as they can do everything on their own,

●       The happiness of successfully finishing a job will help to raise confidence,

●       The spirit to not give up – kids will continue to be positive all the way.

Moreover, according to recent reports, about 25% of 25 to 34-year-olds live with their parents and about 75% parents are supporting over 18-year-old children. The reason for such statistics might be a combination of pampering of kids, lack of employment opportunities or extensive love and fear of parents for their kids.

A child who is self-sufficient from an early age will find out a way to earn money as they grow-up by learning more skills. At least they will try their best to do so. Raising children can be challenging but the following tips can help:

1. To-do list for a kid

Creating a list of chores for the child seems like a perfect way to start. Although you might find your child not completing everything or did not finish something within the allotted time at least they did finish some work.

Therefore, make sure you appreciate their work and comments on how to improve it. The satisfaction on their face after finishing a particular chore is something to die for. The appreciation improves confidence and self-esteem.

2. Let kids do that type of stuff on their own

You cannot call them spoiled if they didn’t get the choice. Yes, it is easy for you to do all the work because there is no time and you do it perfectly. But if you let your child do some things himself/herself, it will instill the sense of independence and trust.

Let your daughter choose her own dress. It might not be the perfect one but deep inside you know that you are raising a perfect daughter. If he/she is in a dilemma during some work do not rush to suggest the right thing, let your child do the thinking. When they come asking for help then suggest certain things or give choices but do not jump to conclusion.

3. Mistakes will lead to success

Of course, your child will make mistakes but if they don’t make any mistake then how will they know. It is crucial to let your child know the difference between right and wrong.

To do so, let your child make mistakes and then tell them that this is wrong. After that, you can suggest them a way to improve it. Scolding the child doesn’t help at all. It just lowers the self-esteem and the child fears to do things in the future.

4. Kids can cook

Yes, they can cook but if you do behind the scene work. For example, you can keep the required stuff in a place where they can reach them. If something has to be ground up, do it beforehand.

Your child will feel pleased having made food without your help. In case of teenagers or early adolescents if they want to cook themselves, having the ingredients ready and cooking something simple and easy looks like a good way to go.

5. Don’t solve their problems all the time

If you keep solving their problems, they will never learn how to find solutions for themselves. And this will continue even into adulthood. They will find it difficult to find the solution to problems alone because they never learned from mistakes. Of course, you can help them by giving some hints but not the solution directly.

6. Keep improving

Always encourage your children to improve on things. We all know that human beings are not perfect but we can try to reach the top. Do not scold your children when they did not get good marks or when they mess up. Instead, make them understand why it is wrong and offer suggestions what should be done.

7. Knowledge is the key

You are great parents but improving knowledge and getting to know newer techniques will not do any harm. There are thousands of articles and some best parenting books available both online and offline which can offer you help. If you too are a writer then it’s perfect. You can post articles and share your experience with everybody.


Those are some tips on how to raise a confident and self-sufficient kid. This process is a long one. And you cannot stop at one accomplishment of your kid neither can you give up on unsuccessful attempts of your child. You have to keep going on. In that process improve yourself and give an example of your best parenting techniques. 

7 Tips to Raise A Self-sufficient Child

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