6 Zodiac Signs That Enjoy Sex The Most

6 Zodiac Signs That Enjoy $ex The Most

6 Zodiac Signs That Enjoy Sex The Most

(6) Aries:

Ruled by Mars, Aries women are sensually active when it comes to physical intimacy. Men, however, are quite unpredictable and wouldn’t give you time to get ready for bed. The passionate Aries will heat up your nerves!

(5) Pisces:

Ruled by Neptune, Pisces loves making love but you need to give the fish the colors of changing ocean in bed. They will get bored if you stick to only one position. Change them, surprise them and they will sail along with you.

(4) Libra:

Intellect turns on the balanced Libra. You need to seduce them with intellect before getting them laid. Good foreplay is necessary else the Libra will not be interested in you anymore.

(3) Taurus:

Like the Libra, Taurus needs a good amount of foreplay to get ready for the act. They love caresses and that’s the best way to seduce them. Give them time and the bull will rock you in bed.

(2) Virgo:

Sensuality and physical attractiveness are the keywords to make out with Virgo. If you have both, then you don’t need to worry. Seduce them and see the magic.

(1) Aquarius:

Aquarius loves making out more than verbal communication and is one of the wildest of all the zodiac signs, they always go for out-of-the-norm coital encounters. Be prepared to get swept away.

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6 Zodiac Signs That Enjoy $ex The Most
6 Zodiac Signs That Enjoy Sex The Most

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