Erogenous Zones of Zodiac Signs: What Turns You On?

Erogenous Zones of Zodiac Signs: What Turns You On?

Erogenous Zones of Zodiac Signs? Even back to the Era of Chaldeans humans knew that the Stars affected the way we feel and interact with other humans, with animals, and with nature.

Erotic Astrology

Love and Romance were always a very interesting subject, therefore, Astrologers and Magi looked at how the Zodiac Circle affected the way we Love and make Sex.

The same way that Medical Astrology offered us insight on what parts of our body are vulnerable (click here for more information about Medical Astrology) if we are born in the sign of Virgo or Aries, Erotic Astrology hints how we can turn someone on depending on his/her Zodiac Sign. If you practice it remember that as the Zodiac Sign is a dominant part of your horoscope but not all of it, the same way, the Natal Chart can give us much more information about the Erogenous Zones of each individual.

But what exactly are the Erogenous Zones?

It’s an area which – if triggered properly – can be used as a shortcut to erotic stimulation and bliss. As you should already have read, these are the same zones that are considered vulnerable thus always remember that they ALSO are extremely sensitive. So be ready “to face the consequences” if you trigger these areas. Play safe and try it with your partner.

Erogenous Zones of Zodiac Signs: What Turns You On?

1. Aries:

Governs the Head, Face, and Hair.

If your lover is Aries he/she truly needs just a little stimulation as their fiery nature is ready to play passionately and try a new adventure. However, if you need some more help you just need to caress their hair and talk erotic words close to their ears so that the heat of your speaking reaches them. Play with their ears too, kiss them. It almost always does the trick!

2. Taurus: 

Governs the Throat – Neck and also co-governs the Lungs and the Sinus area.

Venus makes Taurus a naturally indulgent sign. Almost always they are great lovers, passionate and long-lasting. They breathe for Love and lovemaking and therefore are easily turned on. Just a word of caution: always be ready to face their “wrath” when you try to stimulate them. However, if you do want to play with the Bulls, try kissing and caressing their throats – preferably not like Vampires Diary LOL. The neck is also amongst their hottest Erogenous Zones.

3. Gemini: 

Governs the Arms, the Shoulders, and the Hands as well as partly the Lungs – breathing.

The children of Mercury are smart, witty and generally, they have a playful nature. Their almost always quick reflexes may surprise you and Love is not an exception. They want to try new things and they are easily turned on just by speaking to them as their Element of Air governs talking too. If you need extra help try kissing their hands, play with their fingers or try massaging their shoulders.

4. Cancer: 

Governs the Chest, the Stomach, and the near stomach-area.

Cancers hide an ocean behind their cute face. The emotional tides are governed by the Moon and you will notice how easily they can play sweet or tough depending on the Moon phase. Their sensitive nature needs safety in order to unravel their great mysteries but caressing their chest and playing with their nipples almost always raise a huge wave of their Watery Energy. Dive in it!

5. Leo: 

Governs the Heart and Chest area as well as the Back.

The kings and queens of the Zodiac circle like always to play the omnipotent lovers and therefore they will easily experiment with their lover’s needs and demands. From Vanilla to S & M they will always try to become the center of attention and they almost always succeed. To turn them on – further- massage their back or try few long strokes down their back with your nails (go easy at first). Push the buttons of their Erogenous zones and see if you can tame the lion!

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