6 Zodiac Couples That Have The Worst, Ugly and Most Painful Break Ups


Cancer is the most sensitive and loving sign of the zodiac.

They are very protective, nurturing and giving in their relationships. It takes time for the Crab to build trust and enter into a serious relationship, but once they do, they do not want it to end. They fight tenaciously to make the relationship work.

If the relationship doesn’t work despite all their efforts, they become devastated and experience profound grief. They would spend hours thinking about what went wrong in the relationship from start to finish, ruminating over what they could have done wrong or how their partner should have behaved and end up exhausting themselves emotionally and mentally.

Breakups with Cancers can involve an outpour of intense emotions. They exhibit an entire range of emotions from pain to anger to hurt. They can yell, sob, lash out or go into complete withdrawal and shut down. They take a lot of time to heal and can develop trust and intimacy issues if they perceive they have been treated unfairly.

If you are not serious about being in a relationship with Cancers, don’t play with their heart and emotions.
These sensitive creatures take a lot of time to heal and move on.



Libras are very practical and easygoing when it comes to relationships. Capricorns are very persistent, once they put their mind into something, it’s very hard for them to let go.

Capricorns tend to become overtly controlling and this doesn’t go well with Libra’s easy going and fluid attitude.

Libra can then initiate a break up in a very distant and detached way and it baffles the Capricorn who is holding on too tightly and making every possible effort to make the relationship work.

The break up between Libra and Capricorn just turns into a nasty power struggle and ends up being painful for both.



Break up between Virgo and Pisces can get really messy and ugly because they have totally opposite break up styles.

While Pisces are emotional and sensitive, Virgos are rational and practical.
Virgos like to end the relationship with a calm and rational discussion but Pisces cannot contain their emotions because they feel their emotions very intensely. They may just break down, lash out at their partners or just become self-destructive.

Just like Cancerians, breakups are excruciatingly painful for Pisceans and they take a very long time to heal and move on from a breakup.

Since Pisceans are unable to understand the Virgo’s break up style and perspective, they perceive them to be extremely uncaring and insensitive, in turn making Virgo feel guilty.

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6 Zodiac Couples That Have The Worst, Ugly and Most Painful Break Ups

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