6 Zodiac Couples That Have The Most Painful Breakups

6 Zodiac Couples That Have The Most Painful Breakups

Do you know those zodiac couples who are destined for tears and pain, and who are most likely to have the most painful breakups?

Astrology offers us a lot of insights into an individual’s behavior and how they relate to the world. It can reveal how you flirt when you are attracted to someone, how you express your feelings and also your exit strategy.

While some signs are over-dramatic and want post break up attention from their circles to heal (Leo and Gemini), some want to love and affection from their closest friends to heal (Virgo and Pisces), some try to avoid feeling any emotion of heartache by pretending that the relationship never happened (Sagittarius and Aquarius).

Some signs take a very long time to heal and move on (Cancer and Capricorn), while others are quick to get into a new intimate connection (Aries and Scorpio), while some look for another serious relationship (Taurus and Libra).

The only thing worse than the break up itself is, that you and your partner have totally different breakup styles.

If you are the kind who wants to discuss everything in detail and seek closure and your partner is someone who has a totally icy attitude towards any demonstration of emotions and pretends like they never met you, it would just multiply your pain.

Some zodiac signs have totally opposite personality traits and it’s no surprise that their breaks up styles are also extremely different.


Here are the zodiac signs that make for the worst and most painful breakups:

1) Aries and Taurus

Aries are like babies. They like to get attention, throw tantrums and get bored very easily.

They are highly competitive and consider dating also as a competitive sport and do not want to lose. If they sense that there is some tension building up in the relationship, they would be the first one to initiate the break up because they do not like to get dumped.

On the other hand, Taurus being an Earth sign is very fixed and loyal in relationships. They do not like changes and want the relationship to go the long haul.

They will do everything in their power to fight to save the relationship but once they are done, they are done; they become unwavering and do not look back.

Aries are also known to have a highly explosive temper and often express their feelings bluntly, they enjoy the drama and the adrenaline rush that comes with being overly dramatic but Taurus hates drama and likes to avoid confrontation.

Aries often regrets its impulsive actions and tries to revive the relationship but most of the time Taurus has already moved on and doesn’t look back.

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2) Leo and Scorpio

Leo’s are extremely loyal and caring and want to pamper their lovers but if they sense that the spark has faded in the relationship, they usually initiate the split because they don’t want to be at the receiving end of a break-up. They can usually move on quickly from the breakups they initiated but when they are dumped it’s another story.

Leo’s reaction to being dumped is of extreme shock and denial. It’s totally heartbreaking for them and they seek attention from their circle to soothe their pain.

Scorpio is extremely passionate and has a very difficult time letting go, whether they initiate break up or they are at the receiving end. They can get really obsessive or clingy and indulge in destructive behaviors to get even with their ex.

A break up between Leo and Scorpio can be a nightmare because it turns into a massive ego battle.

Both the signs are control freaks and breakups trigger their control issues and they can really destroy each other with their mean, nasty and offensive behavior.


3) Gemini and Sagittarius

Gemini and Sagittarius have two things in common, they like to travel, meet new people and explore new things and both these signs have commitment issues. But when they lose interest in each other, they just tend to disappear.

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