6 Signs He Is Incapable Of Love

5) He’ll Never Take Responsibility And Will Never, Ever Apologize.

You cannot have a healthy relationship where only one person gives and one person takes. Nor can you have one where only one person is constantly making mistakes and whatever happens, is the one who always apologizes.

Even when it is clearly his fault, somehow you will always end up apologizing because he might get sad that you are making a big deal out of it — or he will angry at you in return for whatever twisted reason (mostly that you are angry at him and calling him out).

Similarly, while explaining his relationships, it will always be his exes’ fault why it never worked out. Their fault he was “forced” to sleep with some other girl, they stopped glamming-up for him and let themselves go, or that tested his limits so much that he just couldn’t stop but hit them.


6) He’ll tell you.

When a man tells you he is going to be a douche, always believe him.
If he tells you he is incapable of love, not looking for a relationship or anything that suggests he is not going to be invested in you — take him seriously and just let him go.



Women have a tendency to take the blame on themselves. Often times, they will believe they are being clingy and demanding instead of accepting that the man they are with is just incapable of affection or love. A relationship that is so manipulative, one-sided and emotionally-depreciating is only going to hurt you from inside. You just have to accept that this is Mr. Wrong and leave to never look back.

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6 Signs He Is Incapable Of Love

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