Coincidence or Connection? 5 Types of Synchronistic Connections You Make In Your Lifetime


Five Interesting Types of Synchronistic Connections In Your Life

There are no random meetings, just cosmic ties. Take a look at the 5 types of synchronistic connections in your life. The universe conspires, not lies.

Nothing is purely accidental. It is a magical world we live in and there is this almost surreal phenomenon that occurs in almost everyone’s lives and yet eludes any kind of scientific or rational explanation. These are synchronistic events or meetings.

To say ‘everything happens for a reason’ would be to repeat an oft-used expression but it does not necessarily mean that it isn’t true.

Throughout our lives, we come across a lot of people coming from diverse cultures and backgrounds. While some of the connections that we develop stay with us forever and influence us to an extent that we could never even imagine, certain other people are immediately forgotten and we hardly remember them.

But each one of those synchronistic encounters, no matter how insignificant they might seem, they do have a larger purpose to serve. While some of them leave us with happy memories, some painful. But all of them teach us important life lessons and help us grow as a person.

Our lives comprise of both hardships and happy phases. Some experiences might devastate us while some might enrich us. And both experiences are equally important as they make us who we are. It is really wonderful to think that we never know who we are going to come across the very next moment.

Here Are 5 Types Of Synchronistic Connections You Will Make in Your Lifetime

1. The ones that remind us.

There are times in our lives when we deviate from our path without our own knowledge. There are people who come into our lives, inspire us, and make us realize our true purpose. These people might often be temporary but their memory lasts forever.

2. Those who hold space.

This refers to the little inconsequential encounters that we have in a cafe, bus, or the street. We indulge in small conversations with such people and forget them eventually.

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3. Those who awaken us.

Sometimes the universe sends certain people in our lives who usually don’t stay but charge us with motivation, encourage us to dream, and then go on in their own direction in their lives. But they are the ones who have a really deep impact on us and change us forever.

4. Those who help us grow.

We all have people in our lives who teach us a lot of things that we would not have been able to learn on our own. They give us important life lessons that help us evolve into better people.

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5. The ones who stay.

Although it might be difficult to find someone who’ll stay by your side forever, be it your partner, friend, or family, they are the most valuable people you’ll ever come across. They give us a hand when we fall and help us grow.

They will stand by your side in tough times and make you do things that you could only dream of. Be patient with the universe and sooner or later eventually you will come across someone who will stay. They will have dreams similar to that of yours and would always wish you well.

Thus, it is clear that we don’t meet anyone by chance. Synchronistic connections is a way of the universe to make us cross paths with people who can change our lives.

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We Don’t Meet Anyone By Chance or Accident 5 Types of Synchronistic Connections.
5 Types Of Synchronistic Meetings You Have In Your Lifetime
Types of Synchronistic Connections Pin
5 Types Of Synchronistic Connections You Make In Your Lifetime
Synchronistic Connections
Coincidence Or Connection? 5 Types Of Synchronistic Connections You Make In Your Lifetime

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