5 Lucky Symbols To Transform Your Life

 February 17, 2019

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5 Lucky Symbols To Transform Your Life

3.The Acorn

Have you ever heard of the saying “great oaks from little acorns grow”? Well, it’s true. Acorns are sacred to both Ancient Greeks and the Druids. They come from the most sacred tree, Oak which was dedicated to the king of the Gods, Zeus. Therefore, anything that comes from the oak is sacred, divine and magical!

Acorns are believed to keep our bodies and spirits strong and protected from physical and magical harm! This is why soldiers used to carry acorns with them, to be protected from Thunders and any kinds of hostile energies. Witches use it for Good Luck, Fertility, Potency, Abundance, and Magical Protection.


4. The Red Bats

Red Bats are symbols of Good Luck and spiritual help in Asia. However, Red Bats are either presented solo or coupled or five at the same time. Two bats or Shuang fú means double luck.  Moreover, five bats – 五褔臨門 – represent the Five Fortunes of the Five Elements which are

  • Good Luck,
  • Abundance,
  • Fertility,
  • Honor,
  • Longevity.


5. The Wheel

Usually portrayed as the wheel with 8 rays, the wheel is a global and mystical symbol of growth and good luck. Remember, that the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ in every tarot Deck is actually a wheel! 

Although not exactly good luck personified, the Wheel of Becoming, helps us understand that all difficulties end at some point and our karma will help us overcome every single trouble. It also reminds us that a wise man/woman knows that strength lies in his/herself and no external stimuli are stronger than true will.

What symbol do you consider the Luckiest?

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5 Lucky Symbols To Transform Your Life

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