5 Common Mistakes Men Make When Approaching Women

5 Common Mistakes Men Make When Approaching Women

Do you know about the common mistakes men make when approaching women, and how it affects their chances of getting that coveted date?

Other than the unrest and nervous reactions, the feeling of rejection often kills the confidence we have in ourselves and makes us feel like we’re of a lower status or less worthy. Getting turned down after we summon the courage to walk up to a total stranger because she looks good or appealing can be demoralizing and embarrassing.

But just as you know, not every guy who approaches a woman gets rejected. Why? Because they know what to do and what to avoid. Therefore, it’s important for a man to know about the common mistakes they may be making while approaching a woman and figure out how to rectify them. 

So, here are 5 common mistakes that make women walk away or give guys the wrong number when they’re approached.

1. Approaching from the wrong direction

Tapping her from behind or saying “Hey there, I’d like to talk to you” are two things women who don’t know you, hate.

It feels really easy to approach a woman the way we want. But just so you know, the way to succeed in any undertaking isn’t doing what we want, but doing what is required.

Approaching a woman from any position is what we want, but that’s not what women want. Therefore, to do it right, first find a way to make eye contact, then approach her from the angle where she can see you coming, before walking up to her.

2. Wrong timing

Here are a few scenarios of wrong timing to approach a woman; when she’s rushing to work, rushing to get something done, talking on the phone or she appears serious and focused.

As you know, it’s difficult to play nice when there’s a block to our individual goal. That’s how it feels when men approach women when they are engaged in a certain activity.

If you see or feel a woman is genuinely busy or engaged in some activity if it is something you can help her out with, fine, approach her. But if you can’t and she seems so focused on getting that done, then avoid her.

3. Appear without confidence

Standing timid, having your hands in your pockets, sweating while talking, and stammering as you ask her questions are signs of little or no confidence.

Women can feel it when a man doesn’t have confidence in themselves. Appearing nervous isn’t one way to impress a new woman. When a woman sees that you have no confidence in yourself, she automatically begins to feel like you’re not the right man for her.

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