Your 2023 Tarot Reading: Annual Tarot Card Predictions For All Zodiacs


Tarot Reading Accurate Predictions For Each Zodiac

Are you ready for our most anticipated 2023 Tarot Reading? We have pulled the cards for each zodiac to get the most accurate free online tarot reading!

Merry Meet, before we begin, I would like to say a few words about your annual tarot card predictions 2023. As this is a general reading, please take what resonates with you and leave the rest behind. Do not try to force-fit a message.

To get the most out of this free tarot reading, look for your Sun, Moon, as well as Rising sign. It will give you a more detailed picture of your Tarot Reading horoscope 2023. The below link will explain why!

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In this intuitive Tarot Reading, all the cards I have used are from the Smith Rider Waite traditional deck. As an intuitive tarot reader, I do not read reverse, so all the cards are in the upright position.

Now the time has come to start our 2023 Tarot Reading. Let’s find out what the next year has in store for you in terms of love and career!

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2023 Tarot Reading: Annual Tarot Card Predictions For Zodiacs

Here’s our 2023 tarot reading and interpretations for 12 zodiac signs:

2023 Tarot Reading
2023 Tarot Reading: Intuitive Tarot Card Reading

1. Aries 2023 Tarot Reading (March 21 – April 19)

General Overview

Ten Of Wands

Aries General Overview tarot

This card shows you will be wrapping up a cycle of hard work and responsibilities. You’re at the end of a difficult period where you had to shoulder responsibilities for yourself and maybe also for others.

The appearance of the card reassures you that you’ll soon get to lay down your burden and rest. 


The World

Aries Relationships tarot

Going with the theme of ending cycles, this card reconfirms that you will tie up loose ends and complete what you had set out to achieve.

Depending on where you’re in your individual journey, this might mean that you’ll successfully take your relationship to the next level, achieve a greater sense of commitment or intimacy, or if you were trying to let go of someone for a long time, you would be finally able to put your past behind and make a fresh start.  

Career And Finance

Seven Of Swords and Eight Of Wands

Aries Career Finance tarot ten of swords
Aries Career Finance tarot wards

The combination of these two cards in your 2023 Tarot Reading asks you to be cautious and wait for further communication. What you see might not be the ultimate truth. Trickery and deceit (represented by Seven of Swords) might be lurking on your path.

So, don’t take any impulsive decisions regarding a job change or a big financial investment. Read between the lines and wait for some time. Also, use your judgment and logical reasoning to navigate a complicated situation.

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2. Taurus 2023 Tarot Reading (April 20 – May 20)

General Overview


Taurus General Overview

The Death card in Tarot (or death in any spiritual divination practice) represents transformation, rebirth, or dying of old beliefs and ways of life. When this card shows up in any reading, it indicates a period of change, reformation, and metamorphosis.

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Your 2023 Tarot Reading says something has to die and give way to something new. It can be external as well as internal.

You might finally move out of your hometown, kick a bad habit, or start working for a new organization. The change can be anything, but it will be significant and life-altering.


The Devil

Taurus Relationships

Usually, this card stands for an unyielding power, relentless energy, or an obsession of some sort.

Often this card bears negative connotations of addiction or romantic obsession, but it can also mean exploring your deepest passionate fantasies, satisfying carnal desires, and unbreakable bond with someone.

Some believe this card is a good omen for marriage or ever-lasting relationships. Also, this card is representative of Capricorn. So, if you have someone on your mind whose Sun, Moon, or Rising is Capricorn, this can be a confirmation!

Career And Finance

Five Of Wands

Taurus Career Finance tarot wards

This card is the card of struggle and conflict. This can be competition, such as you vying for a job, promotion, or profile. You will have to fight hard to get what you desire.

But it can also mean inner turmoil, which needs to be overcome to smooth out a complicated situation regarding money or security. You might have to take a call or come to a decision if you want to improve your material stability. 

3. Gemini 2023 Tarot Reading (May 21 – June 20)

General Overview

Nine Of Pentacles

Gemini General Overview

If you’re focused on your material comfort and building up your abundance, this card in your 2023 Tarot Reading, assures a favorable outcome for your endeavor.

Especially so, if you’re a self-made individual with little to no backup support or family money to bank upon. Good fortune, success, and financial bliss can be predicted by the presence of this card.


Ace Of Swords

Gemini Relationships

Finally, the clouds of confusion, lies, and doubts will clear up and a new beginning can be foretold. You will be able to cut through all the BS that has been holding you back for so long.

Revelations, new information, and insights will be available to you and you will take an informed decision. If you have been feeling powerless or stuck in a rut, at last things will start moving and you will regain your confidence and power back in a relationship.

Career And Finance

Three Of Pentacles

Gemini Career Finance tarot pentacles

When this card makes an appearance for a career or money reading, it’s a highly positive confirmation from the Spirit that your worries will soon be at an end.

You will attract the right attention for your talents and skillsets, leading to an increase in your earnings as well as status. This card indicates profits in business, winning contracts, getting investors, or getting promotions and hikes.

4. Cancer 2023 Tarot Reading (June 21 – July 22)

General Overview


Cancer General Overview

Take this card in your 2023 Tarot Reading as a firm reminder to have control over your emotions and impulses. Just like the angel shown on the card, you have to balance and manage volatile factors to achieve your desired goals.

Remember, balance and patience are the keys to making the most of your situation. You can do this!


Ten Of Wands

Cancer Relationships

When this card appears in a reading for love and relationships, it can mean two things.

Either you’re at the end of a painful or toxic relationship and very soon you will be in the clearing. Or, you have worked on your relationship a lot and at last, have been able to leave behind all your issues and grievances.

Either way, as per your 2023 Tarot Reading, you can now relax and start a fresh beginning, either with your partner or as a single individual.

Career And Finance

Four Of Swords and Knight Of Pentacles

Cancer Career Finance tarot swords
Cancer Career Finance tarot pentacles

What this fated combination predicts might not seem to be an exciting opportunity on the surface. Four of Swords is the card of rest, recuperation, and a peaceful interlude. During this time, you’re supposed to strategize action plans for the future.

And the Knight of Coins (another term used for Pentacles) represents a very slow-moving energy of material prosperity. No fast change or result on the horizon, but may it not discourage you.

If you have been repeating unhealthy patterns in terms of how you handle your job, business, money, tasks, or resources, and ended up with a setback in your career, this is Spirit’s message to NOT GIVE UP!

Make use of this time, take a break, seek solitude, and work on your game plan. Reflect and identify what’s not working for your stability and goals and replace those habits and practices with new ones that are more aligned with your long-term success.

If you do so, be rest assured, a new opportunity in career and finance is coming. It will take time, but it will be a stable offer, something on which you can depend for your material well-being.

Pentacles belong to the Earth sign, famous for their slow yet reliable energy regarding comfort, abundance, and money. So, have patience, remain positive, and work toward your next goal.

5. Leo 2023 Tarot Reading (July 23 – August 22)

General Overview


Leo General Overview

I can tell that the appearance of the Justice card in your 2023 Tarot Reading will bring a lot of comfort and relief!

The past year has been tough, to say the least, and you might have felt that you have been dealt a bad hand with one setback or challenge after another.

But now finally you can relax, as this card confirms that your struggles are not unseen by the Spirit! You have faced all your trials with resolution and faith. You kept on going when all you could think of was breaking down.

And above all, you didn’t let all these negativities dim your inner light. Yes, there were moments when you faltered and your faith was tested, but in the end, you showed up for life!

And in 2023 you will be rewarded for your courage, strength, and perseverance. Everything that was wrong and unfair, will be set right. You’ll be served justice on a silver platter!


Page Of Cups and Two Of Cups

Leo Relationships tarot cups
Leo Relationships tarot two of cups

What a lucky conjuncture! Page of Cups signifies a new offer in love! It might not be a grand gesture like a marriage proposal, nonetheless, it will be an offer you cannot and must not refuse!

If you already know this person, they might be finally confessing their feelings for you or giving an explanation for their hot and cold treatment toward you.

It can be an apology and an earnest request to try to work things out. They want to get to know you and give your relationship another chance.

If this is somebody new, it means an exciting new beginning of a relationship that has the potential to turn into something stable and long-lasting, even marriage.

Whether it’s a new or old flame, the Two of Cups is a strong indication of a happy union between two partners who are divinely blessed. So, cherish your relationship!

Career And Finance

Six Of Cups

Leo Career Finance tarot six of cups

Now, Cups represent emotions and feelings and are not apparently related to material stability or wealth. But when Cups make an appearance in a career reading it strongly hints at the emotional aspect of your work.

This year you could find a job that will give you satisfaction and freedom of expression. But the Six of Cups is the card of the past, nostalgia, and memories. It talks about soul connections.

So, you might go back to a dream that you had put on the back burner. It can also mean a move closer to your place of origin. A chance meeting with someone from your past might also lead to a new work opportunity.

6. Virgo 2023 Tarot Reading (August 23 – September 22)

General Overview

Nine Of Swords

Virgo General Overview

Your Tarot Reading 2023 warns you that the year ahead might not be very easy for you. The Nine of Swords stands for the energy of anxiety and sleepless nights. It marks a period when your mental energy will bring you discomfort.

Hence, it is advisable to take time to sit with your emotions and process them in a healthy way and not let them accumulate over time.

As a sign, you tend to ignore the emotional side of life, but in 2023 you need to be more mindful of your feelings and those of the people around you.


Three Of Wands

Virgo Relationships tarot wards

This is a fairly positive card. This is the card of luck and opportunity. When this card pops up, it means that your current troubles and worries are going to be resolved very soon.

According to your 2023 Tarot Reading, you just have to be patient and hang on for a little while. But rest easy in the knowledge that you have reached the end of the tunnel.

So, this could mean a relationship conflict giving way to reconciliation, a loved one returning home, reunion, mending of broken ties, a favorable outcome of a third-party situation, or the removal of any obstacle that was on your way to a fulfilling relationship.

Career And Finance

Eight Of Pentacles and The High Priestess

Virgo Career Finance tarot pentacles
Virgo Career Finance tarot

When it comes to your career and money in 2023, you will have to listen to your intuition (represented by the High Priestess) while making one or more key decisions.

The Eight of Pentacles is a card of passionate hard work. It signifies that once you find the right opportunity, you will give it your all. You will be motivated enough to work dedicatedly toward your goal and your effort will be divinely supported.

Just ignore any insecurity and fear-based thoughts and keep your gaze focused on your target and you will realize your dreams!

7. Libra 2023 Tarot Reading (September 23 – October 22)

General Overview

Temperance and Seven Of Wands

Libra General Overview tarot
Libra General Overview tarot wards

When Temperance shows up with Seven of Wands, it strongly emphasizes the need to keep a calm demeanor to manage unfavorable situations and NOT GIVE UP!

Temperance asks you to carefully control elements that can be opposing each other and balance them out to find a harmonized outcome.

And Seven of Wands asks you to be defiant, firm, and assertive. With resolution and a stubborn attitude, you will win over great odds. So, as per your 2023 Tarot Reading, it is important to stand up for yourself, fight for what is yours, and not give an inch.

Now, as your zodiac is a symbol of harmony and balance, temperance is not against your nature, but, what the second card wants you to do might be challenging for you as you often struggle to be assertive of your own needs.

But remember that only a firm attitude will win the day! So be gentle and strong at the same time.


Queen Of Swords and Seven Of Pentacles

Libra Relationships tarot swords
Libra Relationships tarot ten of pentacles

Queen of Swords is not a card you want when you’re enquiring about love and relationships. This Queen is a crone, an emotionally cold and mature woman who relies on logic rather than emotions.

Regardless of gender, your 2023 Tarot Reading reads that you too might be choosing to listen to your brain and not your heart, regarding a romantic situation.

Maybe you’re denying your feelings for someone or analyzing your circumstances with cold practicality. You might also be self-sacrificing by taking a decision for the sake of others’ interests.

Whatever may it be, it’s not going to bring you any instant happiness. You might be striving for peace and harmony, trying to make everyone happy and doing the “right” thing, but dissatisfaction and restlessness are all that you’ll be getting.

You will not see any immediate result from your good intention and action and this might make you feel like giving up.

At some point, it will be imperative to know what you really want. If your heart is not aligned with your action, being patient and perseverant will be a challenge.

Career And Finance

Five Of Pentacles

Libra Career Finance tarot pentacles

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but when you’re not living your authentic self, it’s not a surprise that things keep getting harder in all aspects of life.

The Five of Pentacles marks financial struggles, being left out in the cold, and a period of monetary hardships. But, all is not gloom and doom, because this card offers an important insight as well.

According to your 2023 Tarot Reading, fresh opportunities await you, you just have to shift your perspective! Things are not working out because you’re looking for support (financial or emotional) in the WRONG PLACE!

8. Scorpio 2023 Tarot Reading (October 23 – November 21)

General Overview

Page Of Cups

Scorpio General Overview tarot cups

As a water sign, you’re known for your emotional nature, in spite of your best efforts to hide it beneath a cold and distant personality. According to your annual 2023 Tarot Reading, emotions will rule your life.

There is a new beginning on the horizon, and this will be something that will bring you a lot of emotional fulfillment,  good fortune, and abundance.

This new offer or opportunity might not look too big or grand, but be assured, this can lead you to begin an exciting new chapter, enriching both your personal and professional life.


Three Of Wands

Scorpio Relationships tarot wards

This card of luck and opportunity in your 2023 Tarot Reading, assures that your ship is soon going to come in and all your current worries will go away. You just have to be a little more patient and hopeful about your prospects.

Someone you’re waiting on might give you a “yes”, or a relationship conflict might get resolved, or if adversities are keeping you and a loved one apart, things will change for the better. As per your 2023 Tarot Reading, lady luck is on your side, so cheer up, okay?

Career And Finance

Knight Of Cups and Ace Of Pentacles

Scorpio Career Finance tarot cups
Scorpio Career Finance tarot pentacles

This Knight brings an emotional offer and the Ace of Coins (Pentacles) marks a new start in your career and finance. After a period of an uphill battle, you will get the new beginning that you were hoping for.

This can be you finally getting job satisfaction or freedom of expression or the right platform to showcase your talents. It can also mean that this new opportunity will help you attain the stability that can support your dreams to have a family.

Nevertheless, you will feel accomplished and secure by this new offer.

9. Sagittarius 2023 Tarot Reading (November 22 – December 21)

General Overview

Six Of Cups

Sagittarius General Overview tarot

This card talks about a strong link with the past and sometimes previous life or lives.

It could mean meeting a soulmate or a twin flame, someone with whom you have shared multiple incarnations or it can also mean meeting someone from your childhood or place of birth.

When it comes to your practical life, Six of Cups can indicate a moving back to a place closer to your hometown or an opportunity coming from an old organization or someone you knew in the past. Fit the message where it fits best. 


Five Of Pentacles

Sagittarius Relationships tarot

When this card shows up in a reading for relationships, it means being snubbed, rejected, scorned, or left out in the cold, leading you to face difficulties in your practical life. This card warns you not to let any career setback hamper your relationships.

Easier said than done, we know, when things go downhill in your money sector, it has an adverse effect on your emotional life as well. However, all is not lost.

According to your 2023 Tarot Reading, you might be looking for emotional or financial support in the wrong place and if you can just shift your perspective, you will find fresh opportunities waiting for you!

Career And Finance

Page Of Pentacles

Sagittarius Career Finance tarot

As per your 2023 Tarot Reading, a new offer will be presented to you. It might not be as big as you would have wanted it to be, nevertheless, it will lead to great financial and material stability.

The Page brings forth new ideas, options, offers, and opportunities, and the Page of Pentacles stands for the potential for financial growth.

So, grab the chance of any interview you get, apply to the jobs even if they don’t seem to be too lucrative, and put yourself out there more.

You might not realize it, but the next big thing might be just a click away. Remember, sometimes big things come in small packages.

10. Capricorn 2023 Tarot Reading (December 22 – January 19)

General Overview

Strength and Six Of Swords

Capricorn General Overview tarot strength
Capricorn General Overview tarot swords

The Strength card in your 2023 Tarot Reading foretells that you need to be courageous. But courage doesn’t always mean roaring, it can also mean being gentle and tactfully handling a daunting situation.

You seem to be in a difficult situation, but nothing to worry about, as the Six of Swords predicts that soon you will be moving on to calmer waters.

Your 2023 Tarot Reading says, you will be out of your troubling situation soon and you will not be alone. You will be accompanied by those who share your challenges as well as good luck.

So, be brave and carefully deal with your adversities, either internal or external.


The Emperor

Capricorn Relationships tarot emperor

When the Emperor makes an appearance in a relationship tarot reading, it signifies a person who is authoritative, controlling, responsible, and in a position of great social and financial stature.

Now, this can be a person you’re manifesting (irrespective of gender) or a relationship dynamic you’re hoping to achieve.

If you’re a woman or identify as a woman, this card can represent a long-term partner or even a potential husband.

If you’re a man or identify as a man, the Emperor stands for your imminent need to step up and take charge of your romantic situation. The appearance of this card is often a good omen for marriage.  

Career And Finance

King Of Pentacles

Capricorn Career Finance tarot pentacles

Talking about good omens, what can be luckier than the King of Pentacles showing up for your career and money reading?

Pentacles stand for material prosperity, stability, financial security, home, and abundant family life. And when the King himself makes an appearance, it foretells magnificent financial blessings.

Career success, increase in earnings, property, inheritance, windfall, or profit; can be anything, but the most important part is, this good fortune in your material life will be stable and grounded, it will be a solid foundation upon which your future can be built.

11. Aquarius 2023 Tarot Reading (January 20 – February 18)

General Overview

Ten Of Wands

Aquarius General Overview tarot ten of wards

Your 2023 Tarot Reading reads you’re wrapping up a cycle of hard work and stress. It can be a Karmic cycle of redemption or a period of performing back-breaking tasks.

You had to shoulder a lot of responsibilities for yourself, as well as for others. But the good news is, you’re at the end of it and very soon you will get to drop your load. You have done your work, now you will reap the rewards!


Two Of Wands and Ace Of Wands

Aquarius Relationships tarot two of wards
Aquarius Relationships tarot ace of wards

A prosperous and successful partnership is indicated by the appearance of Two of Wands in your 2023 Tarot Reading. This card emphasizes that a meeting of minds will lead to happiness, harmony, and successful completion of endeavors.

Aces always stand for new beginnings, and in the case of Wands, it means a passionate new beginning of an enterprise. The combination of these two cards is very lucky for you if you’re looking for a new romantic partnership.

Especially if you’re planning to start working with your romantic partner or startup a venture, good luck is foretold, as per your 2023 Tarot Reading.

Career And Finance

The Emperor

Aquarius Career Finance tarot emperor

The Emperor in any career and finance reading brings good news of great success, abundance, high status, and popularity.

He embodies the energy of all the Kings in the deck, so according to your 2023 Tarot Reading, you’re likely to get the financial abundance of Pentacles, emotional fulfillment of Cups, passionate energy of Wands, and mental stimulation of Swords.

Repeating what was stated earlier, it’s a definite good omen for you if you’re in a business, working relationship, or collaboration with your romantic partner.

12. Pisces 2023 Tarot Reading (February 19 – March 20)

General Overview

Eight Of Swords

Pisces General Overview tarot swords

If you’re having a run of bad luck and in a position where you’re feeling restricted, powerless, and trapped, don’t give up hope. Your 2023 Tarot Reading predicts you will need a lot of patience, but eventually, you will come out of this.

It can be a toxic work environment or a relationship, but helpful resources will be soon made available to you. You just need to let go of your pride and worries about others’ opinions. Your bindings will gradually fall off.


Three Of Cups

Pisces Relationships tarot cups

As per your 2023 Tarot Reading, your social life seems to be thriving next year, with a lot of opportunities to celebrate with your friends and social connections. Parties, flirting, flings, mixers, and general merriment are on the cards.

You might meet interesting people who will help you discover a new side of life that you have never found before! Attending weddings, christenings, and other social events can lead to reunions, reconciliations, or even long-term relationships! 

Career And Finance

The Star and Four Of Pentacles

Pisces Career Finance tarot star
Pisces Career Finance tarot pentacles

Wish upon a Star! Because according to your 2023 Tarot Reading, your biggest wish is getting fulfilled next year! So, what exactly was the Eight of Swords talking about?

Maybe you’re leaving a toxic work situation behind and the only thing that’s blocking or creating resistance on your path is your inability to let go!

The Four of Pentacles in your 2023 Tarot Reading indicates you have been holding on to the financial security and possessions that you got from your old job a little too tightly.

You were feeling unsure and insecure to release your worries and look for new opportunities. Sometimes, familiarity seems too precious to forsake, even if it comes at a hefty price of emotional wellness.

But, you will attract abundance, overcome your difficulties in your career, and find yourself in a comfortable situation, if you can bring yourself to release your fear and insecurities.

This wraps up our tarot reading 2023 predictions for zodiacs. We hope you would resonate with your 2023 Tarot Reading.

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Do let us know in the comments down below if you enjoy and want more such tarot reading for free!

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