14 Things To Remember When You Date A Self-Reliant Girl

14 Things To Remember When You Date A Self-Reliant Girl

Things To Remember When You Date A Self-Reliant Girl

An independent girl is unlike any other girl that you ever been in a relationship with. She might behave in ways you are not accustomed to witnessing from other girls you might have dated.

Remember, a girl who is used to being on her own is a bit different from other girls but does not make her any less loyal, dedicated or genuine in nature.

These are 14 things a man should remember about dating a self-reliant girl(coming from a girl who is used to being on her own):

14 Things To Remember When You Date A Self-Reliant Girl
  1. She will not ask for your help that often. She likes to get her own work done and on her own terms. This does not mean that she is arrogant in nature. She is just headstrong.

2. In a relationship, this type of girl likes to make slower moves. It does not mean she is not interested enough in you. She just wants to make sure that she is going in the right direction. Years of being self-dependent made her measure every step she took for herself.

3. Her friends might act weird and suspicious of your intent because getting to hear about you dating someone is something totally out of the blue for them. They might take time to gel with you. Actually it has always been them, only them, being there for her when she needed someone.

4. It will be a bit difficult for her to accept help from you. She has been by herself so long, taking care of herself, protecting herself that she will need time to hand over that responsibility to someone else. Do not take this personally. With time she will be more accustomed to letting you do things for her and also appreciate your effort.

5. She will be a bit hard to persuade. She is arrogant will not easily give up on her ideas and values against logic and reason. Be patient with her. It is a result of her self-protective mode.

6. She needs time by herself. Especially when you start seeing each other. She needs to compose herself, and soothe herself of the overwhelming emotions she is experiencing, right as she is falling head over heels in love with you.

7. She might randomly pull away from you, avoiding and ignoring you but that does not mean that she is uninterested in you. She will come back once she needs you.

8. She will be a bit skeptical about your feelings for her as she is not used to being loved. She might question your feelings for her, sometimes explicitly sometimes she might test your genuinity but she knows in her heart that your love is true.

9. Expect yourself to be free of most responsibilities because she is great at drawing her own path and solving her own problems. You will often hear “I have already got this done.”

10. She might seem a bit guarded. She might take time to divulge intimate details about her life. But the key to opening her up is being patient with her, understanding her mindset.

11. She might come off as a strong and intimidating. But inside her external disposition, she is a person who wants to be cared for, protected and shielded by someone. She just needs time to get familiar with the constant support system that you are.

12. She will gradually display her vulnerabilities, her weaknesses and you will frequently get to see her resilient, no-nonsense, opinionated self. Reassure her of your presence. She will open up, slowly but surely.

13. She will be scared of being hurt, of being left, of being cheated and being played. She needs you to embrace her in your warm words, to shelter her in your love. One day she will no longer be in fear.

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  1. Yes n no… If she’s truly grounded, level headed, confident and doesn’t let her past hold her future hostage then she will be open and live/truly enjoy and accept… each moment as it comes. If she loves herself and life she will trust her instincts and communicate clearly without judgment. Yes she will have some weird to herself moments but I’m sure he will too

  2. Almost! I’m living alone a while now and some of this applies however it’s more about who is offering to help as apposed to taking over and showing you how it should be done. It’s nice to share but not to be taken over, lovely to be loved … For who I am v what I could be if …. I love the company of men, love the differences in our ways of thinking and the banter … Love time with my Friends … Girls .. Who just Get It! Most of all I just need me time as since I found out how valuable time is I like to think about how to spend it wisely.

  3. Hmmmm not exactly as listed, but pretty close, the ‘Ive got this’ line, thats So MKR!!! Far from what alot of us independent women would say. Just keeping it real ?

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