17 Signs You Are An Introvert



5. You Enjoy Hanging Out Occasionally In Small Doses With People Who Really Matter

Once in a while, you prefer going out with a group of people, only with whom you are very comfortable. It could be a party, a networking event, or a huge concert. Socializing is fun and acceptable to you when in small doses.


6. You Are Extremely Observant and Mindful of Your Surroundings

Introverts are very sensitive to their surroundings. You can easily read other people’s facial expressions and body languages.

You have a potential for mindful observation of the surrounding. You can easily absorb strings of stimuli through your senses. You enjoy getting to know people at a deeper level.


7. You open up only to those who you are comfortable with

Introverts are extremely careful in choosing who they allow to see their inner self. You are cautious because you know opening up to someone takes a lot of mental energy which you only agree to spend on people worthy of your time and efforts.

You carefully choose the people you can be comfortable with. You are also very quick in shutting people out of your life if they threaten your privacy.


8. You are Creative

Introverts are extremely creative. The reason is obvious. They are introspective in nature and have a reach inner world, full or vivid imaginations. You are too full of unique ideas and innovation,in varied fields.

You have a high imaginative power. Because you love solitude, you get a calm environment to focus on your ideas.


9. You Value active listening

Introverts are great listeners.

You listen to understand, not simply to respond. You use your highly observant nature and analytical abilities to cut out specific solutions for a particular issue.


10. You are Highly Introspective

You tend to over analyze situations that don’t even need to be analyzed at all. You have an inclination towards being hypervigilant about the surroundings, filtering in minute details.

You always seek to understand the deeper meaning of everything.


11. You Think Before You Speak

Introverts need to take time to work things out in their heads first. You choose your words with care. You are a calculative speaker.

While arguing or speaking, you maintain clarity and stick to the point.


12. You Enjoy Your Time Alone So You Are Rarely Bored

You not only enjoy alone time but its a daily necessity for you. Having a ‘me-time’ is the only way for you to rejuvenate your tiresome body and soul.

You might like to engage in solo activities like painting, writing journals, reading books, listening to music or simply go out for a solitary walk.

You are so full of vivid thoughts and creative ideas in your mind that it keeps you highly entertained and amused. You never really feel bored anymore.


13. You Have a Very Small Group of Very Close Friends


You have a small circle of close people who are well connected with you. You adore your small group of close friends and confidante.