17 Best Podcasts For Kids That They Will Want To Binge

Podcasts For Kids

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14. Peace Out

This podcast is loved by most children and parents because of absorbing, short stories. These stories are mind-calming and teach about meditation and mindfulness. A lot of parents have claimed that this podcast helps their kids sleep peacefully at night. Why not add Peace Out to your kid’s daily bedtime routine?

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15. Spare the Rock Spoil the Child

The podcast/audio stream plays fresh and upbeat songs that kids love to hear and keep rocking. Parents won’t hate either. Fresh tunes from They Might Be Giants, and other familiar tunes are sure to keep your child off the TV. All the episodes start with a soothing intro, entertains special requests and smart commentary is an additional factor that adds to the kids’ enjoyment.

16. Short and Curly

A brilliant podcast idea for kids that deals with ethical questions to spark up a killer conversation. “Is it ever OK to lie?”, “Should you move to Mars?” are thought-provoking questions. They help little listeners to gain a new perspective and understand what is right or wrong. 

17. The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd

Premiered in 2004, this is the first and the longest-running audio drama podcast. Its old-time radio vibe is loved and admired by kids and adults alike. The podcast features the adventures and exploits of Dr. Floyd. He is the World’s Most Brilliant Scientist fighting against the evil plans of Dr. Steve. In the process, he learns about people and events that shaped the history of the Earth. Historical figures like Wright brothers, Stan Freberg, Jay Ward, Johann Pachelbel, make guest appearances. The elements of suspense and great sound effects make these podcasts engaging and children stay hooked up till the end.

I hope you liked the list of engaging, entertaining, and educational Podcasts for kids. Listen to your kids and let me know their responses in the comments below. Also share it with your friends and help them out.

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