12 Uncomfortable Feelings That Indicate You Are on the Right Track

Uncomfortable Feelings Indicate You Right Track

8. You focus on quality more than quantity, when it comes to your friends.

There will come a time in your life when you will want to surround yourself with people who will add value to your life, and people from whom you will learn a lot of good things. You will not want people in your life who will just waste your time, and exploit you for their own motives.

The moment you start focusing on the quality of people in your life, more than the quantity, know that you are on the right path. You will no longer have time for negative people in your life. At all.

9. You feel that negative thoughts are your worst enemy.

You start to realize that what you think, go on to create your experiences, and it’s often not until we’re pushed to our limits that we try to take control of them, and handle them. And that is when you finally realize that you were in control all along.

When you see yourself pushing away all your negative thoughts, and trying to focus on having positive ones, that is when you will know that things are going in the right direction.

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10. You feel unsure of yourself.

You feel unsure of yourself because you are unsure of what is yet to come! You’re in the process of growing and evolving, and you never become uncertain when you change for the worse (you become angry and closed off).

In other words, if you’re experiencing feelings of uncertainty, and insecurity, then chances are it is leading to something better in your life.

11. You have stronger and accurate gut feelings.

The more conscious you become of yourself, and the more aware you become of everything that happens around you, the better instincts you will have. You will understand instantly how someone is really feeling, or if a relationship is not going to stand the test of time, or that you won’t be able to hold your job much longer.

A lot of “irrational” anxiety comes from subconsciously sensing something, yet not taking it seriously because it isn’t logical. But it always means that you are on the right track in your life.

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12. You speak up for yourself more.

The more you grow, and spiritually evolve the more you realize things you didn’t before. You start feeling angry when you realize how people have always walked all over you, and how you have let them manipulate you, and take advantage of your emotions.

You decide that you will never make these mistakes again, and that is why you always speak up for what is right, no matter what. You finally start respecting yourself enough to only listen to what your heart and mind tell you to do.

Good things in life do not always come easy, and they do not always come in pretty packages. Sometimes, your struggles and roadblocks can help guide you to the best part of your life. You just need to stop and see that.

16 Uncomfortable Feelings That Indicate You Are on the Right Track
Uncomfortable Feelings Indicate You Right Track Pin
12 Uncomfortable Feelings That Indicate You Are on the Right Track

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  1. i read this… and i so relate to so much of this…change is not easy…and giving up old ways of life and tools (that didn’t work)…. this is a great and inspirational article…i loved it….

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