12 Signs You are Cursed

 April 04, 2018

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12 Signs You are Cursed


9. Seeing Someone Cursing you in Your Dreams

Usually, witches who curse are enraged people who are prone on making mistakes. Therefore, they don’t cover their ‘psychic tracks’. Hence, a intuitive yet cursed target, might persistently see the target in his/her dreams. This might be a warning signal.

What to Do:

– Ask yourself: Is there a reason why this person is cursing me? If you think that you may have done something bad to this person, try to make things right.

– Make a ‘forgiving ritual’. This is the ultimate way to break the connection.
1. Forgive yourself for letting your guard down or for any mistake you believe you made. 2. Forgive the one who you believe has cursed you or for any mistake. 3. Love and embrace yourself and all the World creating a powerful shield of Light around you. 4. Conjure a Shield against Darkness


10. Encountering Dark Omens

Spotting a blue butterfly is an omen that Magic is at work here. Unless the magic is yours, bear in mind that you may need to read between the lines.
Crows and Owls are also attracted by magic, both good or evil. If an owl is hooting before dawn or raven accidentally crosses your path try to see what is going on.
Deathwatch Beetles making weird noises. It is believed to be an ill omen as this sound is more commonly observed around dead or dying people.
Finding a dark egg yolk is considered to be a dark omen of black magic. It is also a way to find out if you are cursed. See here about the Way to scry for curses with an egg.

What to Do:

1. Observe the Omens patiently. Write it down.
2. Ask help for what you’ve seen. Prophetic dreams might be very helpful.
If the omen persists cast a cleansing Ritual and Conjure a Shield.


11. Will-o’-Whisps

Will-o-Wisps are commonly believed to be ill omens of Dark Magic or even Death. They are also known as ‘corpse candles’ or ‘ignis fatuus’. A will-o’-whisp is an atmospheric ghostly yellow, greenish or pale white orb which seems to follow someone. In Mexico, it is believed that the brujas aka witches, actually transformed themselves into flickering balls of light to follow their targets.

An actual ‘Will-o’-whisp’ and a Japanese depiction of an evil ‘will-o’whisp’.

What to Do:

1. Don’t Follow the Orbs
2. Conjure a Protections Shield
3. Call the local ‘Ghost-busters’ aka the Witches or Exorcists who professional deal with stuff like this.


12. Protective Amulets Break or Disappear

The last is my ‘favorite’. Amulets are worn so that they take all the damage instead of the person or house they are protecting. Hence, when an amulet is broken or disappears it means that its energy has been consumed.

What to Do:

1. Replace the Amulet with a New One! DO NOT FIX THE BROKEN ONE.
2. Return the broken amulet to the Earth and thank the spirits for helping you.


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