15 of the Weirdest Facts About The Human Body

Weirdest Facts The Human Body

Human anatomy has always been amusing. There is not enough amount of science that can explain the intricate design of humans, and there are several weird facts about the human body. At any given point in time, the human body is undergoing various chemical reactions and chemical mechanisms in order to sustain life.

The way we feel and perceive a thing, the working mechanism is mysterious and magical. There are still many things that science has not been able to explain, but few secrets best remain uncovered.

There are a few things you didn’t know your body can do, behold the capabilities of the human body.

Here Are 15 Of The Weirdest Facts About The Human Body

1. Your left ear helps you hear better.

Your left ear helps you hear better

If you turn your left ear towards the person you are talking to, you will actually hear them more clearly. Super hearing, not exactly but yeah!

2. Do you feel your stomach tickling or weakening when adrenaline kicks in?

That’s because your body reacts to different stimuli in different ways. When your nervous system kicks in, your body devotes the energy to your respiratory system and the heart and also dilates your pupils. Thereby the muscles in your stomach contract with greater force.

3. Your body can predict the weather.

When the temperature drops down you feel pressure and pain in your joints. The drop in temperature can often cause a chemical imbalance which can sometimes lead to a migraine.

4. Heartburn can give you a hard time and it is more common than you think.

It can be treated without medication though, and sleeping on your left side actually helps resolve the heartburn issues. Sleeping on the left side allows gravity to keep the stomach away from the throat. Your body has its cure, you just need to do it right.

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5. Hypothermia can cause temporary blindness.

Hypothermia is a condition wherein our body releases more heat than the atmosphere, thereby dropping our body temperature to a dangerous level. When hypothermia kicks in the blood vessels in our body contract to save energy. The same happens with the blood vessels in the eyes, and this can even cause temporary blindness.

6. Humans also shed skin like snakes.

Actually, all humans are subject to shedding. The dead cells need to be replaced by newer ones, it’s important to apply lotions and let the shedding happen properly.

7. Blowing on your thumb can slow your rapid heartbeat.

We can bring down our heart rate at such times by simply blowing our thumb. There are nerves in the thumb which are responsible for our heartbeats, and which are controlled by breathing. You know what to do next time you’re scared.

8. Press your thumb on the roof of your mouth to get rid of nasal congestion

Press your thumb on the roof of your mouth or between your eyebrows, the next time you experience nasal congestion or have difficulty breathing. This will loosen your nasal passage and also allow you to breathe freely.

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