11 Signs It’s An Emotionally Abusive Relationship And You Might Not Even Realize


11. They emotionally shut down.

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While sometimes they are loving and caring, other times they are cold and distant. Their ability to shut down emotions and appear heartless makes having a relationship with them difficult because you just want them to be the good version of who they are all the time but you can’t love half of one person without address who they are as a whole.


Emotionally abusive relationships are difficult because when you’ve been in one long enough your standards are suddenly very shifted and you fail to even know what a real relationship might look like. And when you’re presented with one all of it is unfamiliar

Written By Kirsten Corley

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11 Signs It’s An Emotionally Abusive Relationship And You Might Not Even Realize


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Kirsten Corley
My name is Kirsten Corley. Both writer by day, hopeless romantic by night live my life with a simple motto. 'What can I do for you' I believe our lives are only as good as the people who's lives you make better. I strive to help readers gain an understanding of intense emotions, like heartbreak and getting through it. I think together we have the ability to overcome the challenges life throws our way and even in those times you hit rock bottom, I see it as a wonderful platform to begin again.
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