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10 Signs You’re With the Woman You Should Marry

Signs Woman you Should Marry

You will come across many women and at times you will fall for some of them and then again pursue a relationship with a few of them. But not all women are marriage material, and therein lies the difference. You know that she is the woman you should marry when you realize deep inside that she is worth spending the remaining of your life together.

Her unique qualities will captivate you, and pull you towards her more and more. And when you finally fall head over heels in love with her, you will know that she was the one you were waiting for your whole life.

Here Are 10 Signs You’re With the Woman You Should Marry

1. She will bring out the best in you.

You know that you are with the woman you should marry when she pushes you and challenges you to bring out the best in you.

She will challenge you and support you, she wants you to do your best and have a different perspective on life. True love is never the shackles that hold you, it’s something that pushes you, if she does it, she is the one. Marry her already!

2. She will prioritize you whenever the time comes.

A relationship requires compromises and a certain level of dedication. When a person is dedicated to you they will put you first when the time calls for it. And that is exactly what the right woman will do for you.

Putting you first does not mean, that she will forget about herself, and only focus on you. Strong women don’t do that. But yes, when the time comes and when you need her the most, she will always take care of you, and try to provide you with everything you need.

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3. She shares the same values as you.

When the right woman comes in your life, you will notice that she also believes in the same things that you do. How you see the world, how you perceive emotions and relationships, where you stand when it comes to marriage and kids – you will see, that for the most part, both of you are on the same page.

In order to have a stable marriage, and a stable future, it is important to have a certain degree of similarity between you both.

4. She shows unflinching loyalty to you.

When the love between two people is strong, nothing and no one can come in between them. Loyalty is something that comes naturally to her.

Love never asks much of you but being disloyal and cheating on your partner is unacceptable. It would never even occur to her to look at some other guy or get involved with someone else. If anyone approaches her, no matter how hot or gorgeous he might be she will turn him down, and will always have eyes for you.

5. She loves the little things you do for her.

The thing about love that excites the most is the way it makes simple things beautiful. Love, if you don’t complicate it by rationalizing is simple; it’s simply being.

It is as simple as enjoying the sunset together in silence. Cooking breakfast together. Watching a rom-com. Going to sleep hugging each other.

She finds happiness in the little things you do for her. She needs no diamond rings or expensive gifts but simple things, sometimes, as simple as your presence.

6. She will take pride in your accomplishments, and brag about you.

When a girl truly loves you, her feelings will be tangled with yours, she will feel what you feel. She will feel hurt when you’re hurt and she will rejoice in your happiness and success.

She will feel successful with each of your achievements and she will always push you to do better. She will always praise you and brag about you in front of other people. There will absolutely be no sense of competition in her heart. She will always feel happy, and proud of everything you achieve in your life.

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7. She will make you feel like the best person in this world.

No matter what happens, she will always love you with all her heart, and never make you wonder whether her feelings are genuine or not. You might hear your friends complain about their partners, but you won’t be able to relate to that because you feel that you are the happiest you have ever been in your life.

Her love will be so strong and pure that you will never feel bored, or doubtful about your relationship with her.

8. She cares about your friends.

You know you have met the woman you should marry when she genuinely cares about your friends and wants to truly know them. Just like relationships, friendship is also an important thing to have in one’s life, and she understands that very well.

She will want to know your friends, socialize with them, and also help them when the time comes. She will never hesitate to embrace them and make them a part of her life because she knows how important they are to you.

9. She will be your best friend.

If she doesn’t care what she looks like or how weird she acts, then she is comfortable with you and she trusts you to the point that she will be happy to spend her life with you.

She will cuddle up to you without any reason and also have a pizza eating contest with you. There is no awkwardness between you two, you are just who you are and totally comfortable around each other.

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10. She will make you laugh.

There is no point in spending your life with someone if they don’t make you laugh. The right woman will always make you laugh with her profound and sometimes silly jokes and antics.

Humor plays an important part in every relationship, and you know you have hit the jackpot when the woman you are with knows how to tickle your funny bone.

It makes sense to spend your life with someone who reminds you of what it’s like to be young. She wants to see you happy and cheerful and she knows exactly how to do it.

Woman You Should Marry
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