10 Signs You Are Making Love Not Just Having Sex

Signs Making Love Not Sex

There are many signs that can help you understand whether you are making love, and are in a deep relationship, or simply having sex. You don’t necessarily have to start a physical relationship only after you’ve fallen in love with someone. There are times when you start with a simple physical relationship that gradually turns into love.

More often than not, we are first attracted to someone based on what they look like. While physical intimacy is necessary for anyone, but we cannot too ignore the emotional parts.

And when you meet each other both physically and mentally – not just bodily, it is the greatest connection of all.

Here Are 10 Signs That Say If You Are Making Love Or Just Having Sex

1. You will be inspired.

Love is the greatest inspiration most of us can hope to find and when you’re in love, you’ll feel the urge to find as many ways as you can to express all the emotions you have inside you.

It is this passion that pushes you to create using words what you can’t with your actions. You’re most likely to think like Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Lust is more likely to make you think like Taylor Swift as you move from one person to another. You are more likely to get hurt and feel the need to move on as quickly as possible.

2. There is no need to put on a show.

If you’re making love with someone, it can be blissful but also comfortable as you don’t have to prove anything to each other. You understand each other’s needs and do everything you can to ensure that your partner is satisfied.

If it’s just about being physical, you’ll often feel pressured to ensure that your partner is having fun and you lose focus on your own.

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3. It feels like your souls are touched.

After you’ve made love, you feel a deep sense of contentment even if you didn’t reach your peak, because you feel like you’ve achieved something deeper than mere physical pleasure. It’s like you’ve bared your souls to each other and found complete acceptance.

When you’re just in it to satiate your needs, not reaching completion is the worse feeling ever because that is literally the only reason you agreed to this in the first place. It’s as bad as going to a Thanksgiving dinner expecting a fantastic turkey only to end up eating canned vegetables.

Signs You Are Making Love Not Just Having Sex
Signs You Are Making Love Not Just Having Sex

4. Intensely emotional.

Sometimes making love can bring you to tears because of the sheer intensity of what you’re feeling because you are overwhelmed with emotions.

When it’s just about being physical you might be tearing up because that is the last time you ever want to see or speak to the person you’re with.

5. You know each other inside out.

When you’re with someone just for physical sake, there are a hundred different things to worry about. You will probably spend more time just worrying if you’ll slip up and get pregnant than feeling the intimacy.

But when you’re making love to someone, there are no worries. Both of you know that you’re in this together and in the long run. You are aware of each other’s fears and will do anything to assuage them. The morning after is never awkward because you even know what they’d like to have for breakfast.

6. Snuggling.

Once you’re done making love, you just feel like lying there in each other’s arms, simply enjoying the time that you two have together. You feel happy and complete.

When you’ve been there just for making out, you’ll not really feel inclined to cuddle and be cute with them. You’re more likely to be trying to remember whether they’ve told you their name.

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