6 Zodiacs Who Don’t Text Back – Left Hanging By Them?


Six Zodiacs Who Don't Text Back - Left Hanging By Them?

We call upon you, the starry-eyed lovers and frustrated texters of the digital age! Ever felt like your phone’s been ghosted by the one you fancy? Could the stars be playing tricks and maybe you are dating one of the zodiacs who don’t text back?

Ever wondered if there’s more to those delayed responses than just a busy schedule or a forgotten charger? Whether it’s a deliberate choice, a drifting mind, or simply their star-born nature, these zodiac signs that hate texting back are often letting those messages simmer a tad longer than others.

Buckle up! We’re about to expose 6 zodiac signs who never respond to texts. Let’s find out if you’re courting one of the zodiac signs that hate texting back and who are just… textually elusive. Maybe, just maybe, the stars are to blame for your unrequited text!

When Stars Align Away From The Phone: 6 Zodiacs Who Don’t Text Back

1. The Taurus Dilemma: Too Busy Savoring The Moment To Text 

Zodiacs who don't text back: Taurus
6 Zodiacs Who Don’t Text Back – Left Hanging By Them?

Let’s start with our steady Taurus. Ever hear the saying about how good things take a little time to come to you? This is especially true for them, when considering which zodiac sign don’t text back quickly. Taurus personifies the statement.

While you might be desperately waiting for their reply, they’re possibly lost in the aroma of their freshly brewed coffee or still deciding between truffle fries and nachos. A tip? Be patient and enjoy the suspense! Maybe bait them with a dessert pic!

Bridget Jones – The Endearingly Imperfect, Forever Romantic  

Bridget Jones, from Bridget Jones’ Diary, with her chaotic love life, seems like the kind of character who might read a text and then get distracted by a sudden urge to write in her diary. She might also indulge in another glass of wine, forgetting to respond promptly.

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2. Cancer’s Emotional Retreat: Why The Crab Often Goes Offline 

zodiacs who don't text back
6 Zodiacs Who Don’t Text Back – Left Hanging By Them?

Ah, our dear, sensitive Cancer. You know the ten drafts you made for that risky text last week? They do that for every text. Every. Single. Time. 

If you are wondering why this zodiac sign don’t text back quickly, just know that they are probably overthinking their replies. “Do I sound too eager? Too aloof? Maybe I should ask my pet fish for advice?” Cancers require some alone time sometimes, retreating inside their shells.

Lara Jean Covey – Daydreaming Romantic With A Vintage Soul

Lara Jean, from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, is a character who we can imagine drifting off into one of her daydreams and entirely forgetting to text back.

She can just be momentarily swept away by her feelings and the nostalgia of handwritten notes in a digital age.

3. Virgo’s Textual Perfection: Waiting for the Right Words 

Zodiacs Who Don't Text Back
6 Zodiacs Who Don’t Text Back – Left Hanging By Them?

Our analytical Virgos are one of the zodiac signs who never respond to texts and they simply can’t help it! They want their texts to be flawless. Every comma, every emoji has to serve a purpose.

“Does this wink emoji come off too strong? Is ‘Hey’ better than ‘Hi’?” By the time they finally hit send, they’ve proofread it more than your favorite author’s manuscript.

Hermione Granger – Brilliant, Methodical Wizard With Unwavering Loyalty

Hermione, from Harry Potter, might forget to text back simply because she’s engrossed in researching a rare potion ingredient or meticulously planning the trio’s next move against Voldemort.

While she’s deeply loyal to her friends, that unread text is likely lost amidst a pile of spellbooks and scrolls she’s poring over.

4. Scorpio’s Air of Mystery: Crafting Replies with Depth and Intrigue 

zodiacs who don't text back
6 Zodiacs Who Don’t Text Back – Left Hanging By Them?

Scorpios are one of the zodiacs who don’t text back. Ever wonder what’s keeping them? They’re probably immersed in a new psychological thriller or weaving theories about the Bermuda Triangle. They’ll circle back to you, but only after they’ve unraveled the universe’s latest secret.

Lisbeth Salander – Intense Hacker With A Secretive Heart

With a mind that’s always probing and a tendency to become deeply engrossed in her investigative work or hacking endeavors, it wouldn’t be out of character for Lisbeth, from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, to be one of the zodiac signs who never responds to texts.

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5. Capricorn’s Hustle: Too Busy Climbing Mountains to Check Messages 

zodiacs who don't text back
6 Zodiacs Who Don’t Text Back – Left Hanging By Them?

When it comes to zodiacs who don’t text back, capricorns, bless their ambitious hearts, often have a to-do list that rivals the length of “War and Peace.” They’re not playing hard to get; they’re genuinely hard to get!

Between their work calls, meetings, and plotting world domination (all before lunch!), they might lose track of texts. But when they do remember, it’s always with intent and purpose.

Miranda Priestly Icy Determination Cloaked In Haute Couture

It’s easy to imagine Miranda, from The Devil Wears Prada, overlooking a text (or leaving it to her assistant) because she’s engrossed in orchestrating the next big issue or attending an elite fashion event. For this Capricorn, the climb to the top doesn’t allow for distractions, and texting might just be one of them.

6. Pisces in Daydream: Lost in Thought or Just Forgot to Hit Send 

zodiacs who don't text back
6 Zodiacs Who Don’t Text Back – Left Hanging By Them?

Being one of the zodiacs who don’t text back, Pisces are ethereal beings who often float between reality and their dream world. If they haven’t texted back in a while, they’re likely ensnared in a vivid daydream or composing a song in their head.

Benjamin Button – Timeless Dreamer Navigating Life In Reverse

While Benjamin, from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, witnesses decades of change and transformation, one can imagine him getting lost in contemplation or reminiscing about a past era, causing him to forget to text back. For Benjamin, time flows differently and so do his interactions.


The next time you’re impatiently watching those three dots, or worse, the dreaded ‘read’ without a reply, take a breath. Maybe your darling is battling extraterrestrial invaders or rescuing unicorns in their mind.

The universe is vast, time is relative, and in the grand cosmic scheme, a delayed text for zodiacs who don’t text back… is just a blip. May your notifications be ever in your favor!

Which zodiac sign talks less?

Amongst the zodiac signs, Capricorn speaks less.

Which zodiac sign never gives up no matter what?

Scorpio is one of the zodiac signs who are notorious about not giving up no matter what.

Name one of the zodiac signs who are calm and quiet?

Libra is one of the zodiac signs who are calm and quiet.

zodiacs who don't text back
6 Zodiacs Who Don’t Text Back – Left Hanging By Them?

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