Zodiac Facts: The Perfect Mix Of Each Zodiac Personality

Zodiac Facts Perfect Mix Zodiac Personality

Lie Detector – 120%

Virgos are walking lie detectors. Their logical and analytical mind helps them detect other persons’ bad motives. It’s not easy to deceive them.

Suspicious – 100%

They are prone to overdoing and suspicion is not any different. They are wary of everyone and everything around them. They don’t trust easily with their perfect and error-free work.

Trustworthy – 140%

Virgos do not trust easily but they can be very trustworthy. You know your secrets are safe with them. They are known to keep their promises and you can trust them with any responsibility given to them.

Meticulous – 130%

They are alert and observant. They are careful in every work to put it in the right order. But the obsession with getting things done in precision often irritate others

7. Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Zodiac Facts libra
Zodiac Facts: The Perfect Mix Of Each Zodiac Personality

You can say that they are the dazzling stars. They are all about beauty and love. The peace seekers of all zodiacs, gentle and always ready to help.

Balanced – 150%

When it comes to balancing no one can beat a Libra. They are diplomatic and fair-minded. They weigh the pros and the cons and make a perfect judgment. Chaos confuses them.

Indecisive – 200%

As they are truth seekers and they want to be fair for all, it takes them a lot of time to make any decision. But this indecisiveness reflects in their day-to-day life also.

Romantic – 130%

Librans are hopelessly romantic. They are committed and passionate lovers. They believe in true love and don’t hesitate to express their feelings openly. Librans are also sensual ones that fuel their romanticism.

Peaceful – 150%

Librans are natural peacemakers. Being a kind-hearted sign, they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and avoid any kind of conflict and arguments.

Social – 170%

Librans are social butterflies. They are the charming ones who take care of their appearances and behaviors. Hence, it’s impossible for a Libra to get unnoticed.

Communicator – 120%

They are tactful communicators. They hold a strong desire to achieve balance and that is why negotiation and compromise reflect in their words. They are also conversationalists in their social circle.

Materialistic – 100%

Librans can also be very self-indulgent. They are sucker for beautiful things. They spend a lot of time in appearance and self-pampering. Also, they possess aside to rule out unattractive things.

8. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Zodiac Facts scorpio
Zodiac Facts: The Perfect Mix Of Each Zodiac Personality

Scorpions are known for their intense and passionate nature. Being a water sign, they are highly positive and energy-driven. Here are the zodiac facts of Scorpio and the percentages of these facts.

Passionate – 180%

Scorpions are known for their passion. When it comes to relationships, they are committed and loyal. They connect with people with deep emotional levels. They always look for intense emotional bonds.

Vengeful – 150%

Never, ever play games with a Scorpio. They can hold grudges forever and not only that they will not rest until they get their revenge. They wait for the opportunity to torture their prey mercilessly.

Stubborn – 150%

For better or worse, a Scorpio will hold its ground. If they set their mind on something, they will accomplish it. They are easily convinced to change their minds.

Dominating – 120%

Scorpions don’t like to be controlled by others, rather they will hold the wheel of control. They think they know the situations well and

Possessive – 130%

They can be very possessive of their family, friends, and lovers. They also tend to get jealous easily if there is any comparison. They are obsessive over almost everything.

Manipulative – 120%

Scorpions are often called the strategist. They can manipulate any situation in favor of them. They’re focused and refuse to let anyone get in their way.

Secretive – 200%

Scorpions are the most secretive character of all. They don’t trust easily and hide their emotions in a corner. That is why they are not at all a social personality.

Honest – 110%

Scorpions are confident and courageous creatures. They do not sugarcoat things and are very honest. But this bluntness can be hurtful for other persons.

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9. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Zodiac Facts sagittarius
Zodiac Facts: The Perfect Mix Of Each Zodiac Personality

People born under this sign are energetic and dynamic. They want to live their life to the fullest.

Adventurous – 150%

This archer loves to travel and any kind of sports. They are always up for any challenges and always seeking adventure and excitement in their life.

Freedom seeker – 120%

They are independent and high-spirited. They cannot be tied down to anything and will not compromise for anyone. They have a whole chalked-out plan and will not allow anyone to ruin this.

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