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What You See First Reveals Your True Essence: Personality Test

See First Quiz Your True Essence

Many people don’t really know who they truly are until their friends and family point it out. Are you one of them?  But don’t worry, we’re here to help you find your true personality traits! 

Did you know that personality tests may be a fun and exciting way of learning more about your true essence, personal habits and preferences? Find out how!

What your mind first observes might also be linked to the subconscious mind that are associated with aspects of your personality traits. So pay careful attention to the animal you see first while looking at the image in this personality test, then read below to find out what it reveals about your persona.

Here’s a fun optical illusion test to help you learn more about yourself.

Are you ready?

Take A Look At The Image Below!

What You See First Reveals Your True Essence: Personality Test

The first thing you observe in this personality test will reveal your true essence!

RESULTS: What did you see first?

1. The Dog

What You See First Reveals Your True Essence: Personality Test

A dog is known for its loyal and protective nature. Not only are they the most adorable but fun too! Do you identify as a dog person? According to a 2010 study, those who consider themselves as a “dog person” have an extroverted personality. They are friendly, easy-going and responsible.

And if you saw the image of a dog then it means you too are loyal like them and you also know how to let loose and have fun from time to time. You can be the help that people need, the shoulder to cry on or the crazy friends who greets everyone with a cheerful smile. You use your good nature to be kind to those around you. Your energy is the one that can help others to let their guards down and to truly accept the help they need.

2. Two Cats

What You See First Reveals Your True Essence: Personality Test

Here’s a fun-fact! Did you know cats were regarded as mystical and godlike creatures in ancient Egypt? If you spotted the two cats with the heart first, then it means that you have detailed attention which can distinguish a difficult picture at first. Cats have always been linked with intelligence and divinity due to their calm demeanors, which can represent serenity and conscience.

If you saw the two cats first then here’s what it reveals about your true essence – the two cats are like twin flames who are in love. It might represent the budding romance in your life, a meaningful friendship with a family member or friend. Cats are nocturnal and most active at night, so the company you seek is likely to be found after a long day’s work: a pleasant meal, a night out with friends, or simply spending time with your beloved one and staring at each other.

So what did you see first?
Let us know in the comments below.
Share this optical illusion test with your family and friends and learn more about yourself.

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