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Your LOVE LIFE in 2018 – Tarot Reading

Your LOVE LIFE in 2018 - Tarot Reading

The year 2018 with the “Master Number 11” is also about relationships. “11” is a mirror number mirroring the “1” and when added it comes to “2” which is all about companionship, sharing, love, kindness, and compassion.

So, 1 mirroring itself and then adding to 2 gives us a highly detailed idea of relationships and that is, what we seek in our love life in our romantic relationship we’ll get. There are to be many instances this year when people will meet their soulmate and twin flames and also many instances of relationships going kaput.

If you’re in an abusive and stifling relationship, this is the year to move away and find happiness. If you’re single and ready to mingle 😊this is the year to meet the right person. Let’s explore what the Black Moon Astrology Cards has to say about your love life just before we enter the month of love, February.


Your LOVE LIFE in 2018 - Tarot Reading

Twelfth House – Escape (36) mirroring Uranus – Genius (9)

Your LOVE LIFE in 2018 - Tarot Reading

Eleventh House – Friends (35) mirroring Chiron – Healing (8)

Your LOVE LIFE in 2018 - Tarot Reading

Tenth House – The World (8)

It seems that for some “Karma” and “Karmic Relationships” will either start, take a deeper plunge into the misery or will end. Many relationships will abruptly end this year because the karma has already taught what was to be and now since the shift required is something else, they will dissolve. So, the unpairing might be heartbreaking, setting confusion and even agony. For others, it can be a call to freedom, happiness, and peace. Whatever it goes with the flow.

Another aspect is that many of us will also abruptly attract karmic relationships so the Angels advise you not to be fast nor hurry into any relationship. Be patient should be the mantra. The fact is that all the karmic relationships right now will emerge in a new light of healing and moving out of the karmic sphere.

All of you, who had been in bad relationships will have enough courage to say “NO” and move out. The 12th house is also a sign of martyrdom, so chose carefully whatever you want, and request the universe and angels to show you what is happening in your relationship and how to heal it? Whatever it doesn’t hurry but don’t act in desperation or fear.

Uranus also has this very yang energy of action which will be forthcoming to many of you, but another aspect of it is impatience which the 12th house is totally averse too. So, find the balance.

If you want a good outcome, remain detached to all your love life outcomes. Go with the following understanding that things are been righted now and you are on the right path to growth and eternal love.

The 11th house indicates that for many of you the dream of meeting the soulmate and twin flame will come true. You’ll just attract them or since the necessity of reaching a higher understanding, a higher level is required that’s why they will enter your life.

These relationships will be soothing, encouraging, guiding, supporting, loving, happy and will bring out the best in you. If you are looking for your soul mate and twin flame don’t get desperate for it as desperation will bring the wrong kind of energy with the wrong people who might come in your life.

The love aspect of our life is healing for all of us this year and it’s time to let go of the old and embrace the new, the new energy, the new reality that is the reality that we are seeking, the reality that we have been waiting for. Give yourself a chance to heal and grow, a chance to change your love life, which is an integral part of our journey to happiness.

There is also an indication that patience will bring the time of meeting the right person nearer. Time is very important as it brings the best outcome for our highest good. When the right time comes we receive gifts from the universe and this year for your love life, it’ll be your soul mate/ twin flame and if you already are in a relationship it’ll bring a deeper side to it. It is going to be a worth of a ride for many of you.

Be open to changes though in a relationship, and bring out the element of peace, laughter, surprises that will ground your relationship more. You’ll reach new depths of passion, understanding, and happiness with a relationship that you are in and is not karmic. And as said earlier, many of you who have been trying to attract the soulmate/twin flame relationship will do just that.

Cheers to the good love life ahead in 2018!!!!

By Paulamie Mukherjee

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Your LOVE LIFE in 2018 - Tarot Reading

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