Your Tarot Zodiac Forecast for JANUARY 2018

Your Tarot Zodiac Forecast for JANUARY 2018
Your Tarot Zodiac Forecast for JANUARY 2018

This is the monthly Tarot Forecast for January 2018. As always, I’ll be looking at the higher perspective, energies and how they affect us and our life. Angels & the universe will be advising you through these readings for creating a conducive energy if there’s a challenge or difficulty.

The deck I’m working with is the Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans.

Before you know the reading, kindly understand that 2018 will be an intense year of change, transformation and miracle, so the readings might have the same energy. The zodiac forecast only helps in carving the right path and broadening choices by knowing the energies and the seeming situations that might crop up.


1.  Aries – The Star

Your Tarot Zodiac Forecast for JANUARY 2018

January will be a month of fulfillment for you on many levels. It seems that, your struggle in many areas of your life will bear fruits, mostly in attracting the right kind of people and circumstances for your success.

Your financial side will be more than satisfactory for you. You will have people asking to partner you up for works and projects.

Challenges will be there but you will be able to find the hope, which wasn’t there earlier. January will also make you more confident of winning because you’ll be able to see the tangible manifestations in your life.

Lots of opportunities for you this month.

Angels also ask you to be on alert & vigilant of what you chose among the many possibilities. Which also means that deep within, you need to be calm and at peace rather than feeling anxious and stressed. Meditate regularly, if not daily to heal the fear, doubt and anxiety you so often feel.

It will help you realize the right path and use your experience & inner knowing in making the right choices.

Mantra for Aries:

My decisions & my actions are aligned for my highest good, always.

Taurus – Seven of Cups

Your Tarot Zodiac Forecast for JANUARY 2018

Times of change where you’ll strive for the balance you seemed to have lost. You will feel an emotional void that you’ll try to fill with outside merriment, but this will lead to you feeling that void more intensely. And it’ll be so deep that you’ll have to seek the right path to balance it out and there are chances that your personal relationships might get affected.

Connect to your childhood hobby, something you loved doing and could lose yourself in, or you might want and need to meditate more, you’ll find silence working well for you.

You work will be kind of satisfactory as many of your goals will come to fruition. There might be choices before you this month where you need to tread carefully with your karma. Remember that your karmic energy will never miss you and will manifest itself anyhow, so watch your actions.

Professionally there might be a discord or two between you and your colleagues or seniors, but slowly by the end of the month everything will fall in line. Some of you might get good news of raise or promotion and some others the drastic one, as no increment at all, so the see- saw is extreme as there’s a need to balance.

If you’re able to balance your inner and outer world, you’ll shine this month.

Mantra for Taurus:

I am perfect as I am, and I accept & love myself as the powerful being of light, always.

Gemini – The Hanged Man Reversed

Your Tarot Zodiac Forecast for JANUARY 2018

The month of January is bringing lots of shifts and change of perspectives. You have been looking forward to certain changes in your life, in relationships and your professional life as well. You might be compelled to make certain changes within you and in your outer reality too.

You might feel the anxiety or difficulty of things as you’ll feel stuck and nowhere to go. Even with changes around you may feel confused and frustrated and that is what is not required.

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