“Would you Hold his Hand in Public?” – Mind Talk

"Would you Hold his Hand in Public?" - Mind Talk

“I’ll be keeping your head up, darling.” It is difficult to be surrounded by people who are consistently conformed to a normalcy that makes them feel unwanted, unfit and uninspired. I cannot say that I have never been a victim of this, but it is often a choice to hate what you don’t understand, love what you cannot have and be indifferent about things that don’t hold your interest. That is all pretty obvious. But why the homosexuals? Why hate on us when we are human, just as you are?


I am the billboard of gay pride at my school because to my knowledge, I am the only “out-of-the-closet” candidate. I find no solace in being the only one who is okay with not being “normal;” I am rather distressed that so many young people, evolving and on the rise, are growing in a world where they are afraid to express themselves freely. Media no longer portrays homosexuality (exclusively) as a terrible thing. There is hate, yes, and there will always be hate – it’s the same as religion and race, we will never be rid of it. Even more so, it makes me feel like an outsider, an alien and allows people to treat me as such. I can take the comments and crude behaviour because I’ve been out for four years and these people are all imbeciles anyway. But that beautiful soul who is so confused because they feel attracted to the same sex sees this happening and clams up, hiding the pearl they are on the inside. What happens to that pearl? It disintegrates over time and they never truly inhabit the person they were always meant to be. And I’m sorry, but that is heart breaking on a thousand levels and many more besides.


What many heterosexual men misunderstand about me is that I am unlike them in more than my sexual preferences. I am not perverted and ready to tell the world how sexually aroused I am all the time, nor how endowed I am, be it well or otherwise. I have had experiences that would haunt their little dreams at night and scare them in the daylight. It is because of these that I realised I only wish to share my inner self with a significant other, when the time is right and I feel secure. And to that boy who thinks I want his junk – that ship wasn’t even in the harbour, so it didn’t have a chance to sail away. Please get over yourself, you are embarrassing.


And most importantly, I am flamboyant, not feminine. I firmly believe masculine and feminine should be abolished. Such social norms are suffocating us and we are becoming a judgemental nation, where a man can’t wear a decent pair of heels and a girl can’t be seen in anything but cute little shoes and those short shorts. There is a fine line between flamboyant and feminine, and although I may overstep this line sometimes, don’t get me wrong – I’m not a woman. And no, I don’t want to be with those feminine gay boys either; not because they are an embarrassment, but because that just isn’t what I like. I look up to such open, proud guys because they encompass themselves in a way that the closed-minded, pathetic and petty nation cannot understand and will never accept. Some idiots are just a force to be reckoned with.


I don’t want to scroll through Facebook anymore and hear how some homosexual couple was burnt with scalding hot water or how yet another teenager committed suicide because of something as trivial as his sexuality. We are losing valuable, beautiful lives to something we can so easily accept. It is not your life, as a heterosexual individual, and you have no right to interfere in a homosexual’s life, no matter how you and they are related or their age in comparison to yours.

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