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There’s Nothing Wrong with Old Fashioned Love

Today I pledge my love story to you. I will meet him unsuspectingly, excuse the cliché, and I am almost sure we won’t like each other much for a while. But as time passes, I’ll become overly fond of him and do what I normally do...

“Dad and me and Dad” – Mind Talk

My dad and I. A stranger pair you would probably never find, but that’s a better thing than it sounds you know. Needless to say, he and I have a strange relationship that would take me at least three volumes to explain. As it was Father’s Day here recently, I find this more than fitting to speak about and it’ll likely bring me a bit of closure... Read more

Open Letter to my Abuser/Lover – Mind Talk

If you could give me a thousand reasons to smile, would you still choose the one reason that trumps them all and makes me cry anyway? I do not play the victim well, but you leave me no choice...Read more Mind Talk by Nicholas Thompson

Motivation to be YOU and Happy About it too! – Mind Talk

Can you say I am Living each day ? Here's this beautifully written Mind Talk by Nicholas Thompson. Get your thoughts published on The Minds Journal too, login/register on to submit.

“Would you Hold his Hand in Public?” – Mind Talk

“I’ll be keeping your head up, darling.” It is difficult to be surrounded by people who are consistently conformed to a normalcy that makes them feel unwanted, unfit and uninspired. I cannot say that I have never been a victim of this, but it is often a choice to hate what you don’t understand, love what you cannot have and be indifferent about things that don’t hold your interest. That is all pretty obvious. But why the homosexuals? Why hate on us when we are human, just as you are? Brilliantly written, Introspective Read by Nicholas Thompson. "Would you Hold his Hand in Public?"

Optimism, Pessimism, Realism: Where Do you Fit? – Mind Talk

Optimism, Realism or Pessimism where do you fit ? Mind talk by Nicholas Thompson

Love from A Fonder Place – Mind Talk

"If life is all about choices, make the right ones when it comes to something as dangerously magical as love." - Nicholas Thompson Words to ponder on, Mind Talk by Nicholas Thompson Get your thoughts published on The Minds Journal too. Login with us, and give words to your thoughts.