I Will Never Understand ‘Casual Dating’

I enjoy dating but when it comes to casual dating it’s a big NO. 

Not because I am bad at casual relationships, but I hate casual dating.

You shouldn’t be dating someone without the intent to marry them. Dating isn’t a joke. Its purpose is to find the life partner created for you.” – Unknown 

To be honest casual dating makes me feel that I am having fun with someone’s emotions and matters of the heart. How can one form bonding without pouring heart and emotions?

casual dating

Since I cannot connect deeply with the other person, I will surely feel something amiss in my life. So, the concept of casual dating looks nonsense to me.

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What if I get attached but my feelings are not reciprocated? The guy may not be there for me when I need him mentally, physically, and spiritually.  What if things go awry and I have to fend for myself? Causal relationships scare me.

I Will Never Understand ‘Casual Dating’.

How do people casually date each other? And then how do they end up deciding never to look back? Is it all about physical attraction and loveless intimacy? What is the ‘no emotional attachment’ code to be followed?

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How do you start dating with no expectations of loyalty? No security? No inspiration to chase your dreams? No obligations?

There can be an abrupt end of your relationship because no one defines anything. But, then how can one move on without any guilt?

Is it possible to program your mind before you fit yourself into someone else’s life? Do you both agree beforehand to not care about each other? Even if it’s a mutual agreement, how can you not miss those chit chats, dirty jokes, the freckle on her lips, or the way he plays guitar after the breakup?

I cannot bear the thought of someone ignoring me or erasing me completely from their lives after spending some quality time (even if it lasted just a few days).

For me, it will be painful to see that cold expression and emptiness in his heart when he would decide to leave.

I Will Never Understand ‘Casual Dating’.

I do not wish to be an option in someone’s life. Either you love me or leave me.

Infinite love is something that I look forward to. I know my worth and cannot settle for anything less than what I deserve.

I need to know that he is that Mr. Right, head over heels in love with me, loves my imperfections, cherish our conversations, imagine spending the rest of my life with me and never hesitate to meet and talk to my parents about our wedding.

And if that’s too old school, then I am okay not being a cool girl. 

If I love you, I’ll love you to the moon and back. I will never stop pursuing him even after being together for years. I’ll love you until my last breath.

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So, please don’t kiss and tell. If you’re looking for casual dating and no serious relationship, then tell me before I get attached and fall in love with you. Because I know fall in love and lose myself and let you wreck me.

Watch out this interesting video to know about the skills for a healthy romantic relationship:


If you don’t love all of me, let me go.

My life is too precious to love a silly guy like you and lose myself.


What do you think about casual dating? Leave a comment below.

Casual Dating

Why I Will Never Understand Casual Dating

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