The Lesson of Twin Flame Separation: Why Your Twin Flame Relationship Had To End


The Lesson of Twin Flame Separation

Have you experienced a twin flame breakup? This extremely painful experience can make you doubt everything that you believed. The following article explains why you need to go through this shift; why do twin flames separate?

Why do twin flame relationships have to end and what good or helpful lesson could possibly come out of an experience so painful? When you meet your twin flame and start a relationship with them, it really feels like that has to be the pinnacle of human experience. And then the relationship ends and your world absolutely falls apart.

When something this traumatic happens to you, it’s quite a normal response to start questioning your faith and the grand design and scheme of things. In fact, there are many stages in life where you think to yourself: what good or lesson could ever come out of an experience like this… and surely I’ve had enough pain in my life?

The universe tends to have a design though, and the lesson of twin flame separation is actually as powerful as a successful twin flame relationship – maybe even a little more so. Let’s start at the beginning though.

Twin Flame Breakup: Causes Of Twin Flame Separation

Here are the spiritual lessons you learn from a twin flame breakup.

A twin flame breakup leads us to spiritual lessons
A Twin Flame Breakup Leads Us To Spiritual Lessons

1. A Course In Miracles

For many of the spiritual people on the planet, we’ve always known that forgiveness is important in this lifetime. Few books go into the topic as extensively as A Course In Miracles (ACIM).

In a nutshell, what ACIM teaches us is that forgiveness is the mechanism by which you release the ego’s hold on you, the ego being the thought that we are separate from God. At the same time, you acknowledge that we are all one soul, and that lack of forgiveness held against one is a lack of forgiveness held against all.

So basically, how it works is that you forgive those around you and yourself for the separations that cause you pain – separation from people, experiences, money, desires, dreams, and hopes. The Course teaches that the only reason these separations cause us pain is that they mimic the original pain of the thought that we are separate from God.

As we forgive each person around us, and we forgive ourselves, we come ever closer to forgiving ourselves for the original thought that we are separate from God, which is known as ego. Ego is the sense of individuation or the awareness of the self, as well as the need to hang on to it.

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A twin flame breakup teaches us forgiveness
A Twin Flame Breakup Teaches Us Forgiveness

2. Your Twin Flame Is You

Your twin flame is a part of your own soul, and while coming together and reconciling the dualities within your relationship or yourself is important, the lesson in leaving your twin flame is the lesson of leaving the self (ego) behind.

Twin flame relationships are ultimately about loving and accepting yourself completely because the dualities and complements your partner will express will be the things you see as the bad sides of you in many cases. In order to reconcile that and make your relationship work, you have to accept and love those bad parts of yourself.

When the relationship ends, however, what you are experiencing is the loss of yourself, and it often feels like a loss of your identity, because that’s exactly what it is: the twin flame separation lesson gives you the chance to energetically experience and release the ego or self-identity that you have been holding onto.

Letting Go Of Ego Is One Of The Lessons Of A Twin Flame Breakup
Letting Go Of Ego Is One Of The Lessons Of A Twin Flame Breakup

3. A Higher Spiritual Calling

If you think about it, the fact that this mechanism exists makes perfect sense. Many of the lightworkers currently on the planet needed to live lives that would ensure they stayed free of material and worldly temptations, and not fall into the trap of ego.

Now, as the shift intensifies and the new order starts to show itself, we need leaders who have mitigated ego, who have overcome the need to hold onto the self and put their individual needs first. In a way, facing your twin flame separation can, therefore, be considered a calling of the highest order.

4. It Doesn’t Have To Be Permanent

Twin Flame Breakup
Twin Flame Breakup

This is really good news. Your twin flame separation does not have to be permanent. What you need here is the lesson – you need to accept and surrender and just let go. Accept that it is over and let that settle into your system.

If you’ve experienced the loss and pain deeply already, then there is a global energy moving and I’m seeing a lot of twin flame relationships have major speed bumps, break up or reconcile.

Remember that twin flame energy is global energy as well, so it is subject to what is happening among all the twin flames and not just your personal stuff.

So if you are one of the twin flames that split up in the last two to six months, and you are feeling a strong urge to contact your partner and see if there is an option for reconciliation, please do it.

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I know I took the risk and am really grateful and relieved to say that even my twin flame relationship is back together, more committed than ever before and on the mend. There are reconciliation and forgiveness in the air – the energy exists to save some of the twin flame relationships.

A Twin Flame Breakup Doesn't Have To Be Permanent
A Twin Flame Breakup Doesn’T Have To Be Permanent

If you’re feeling the pull, then this is the message from the universe telling you yes, reach out to your estranged twin flame. There is hope that this can be resolved.

If you want to know more about twin flame breakup, then check out this video below:

Written By Chemory Gunko
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Twin Flame Separation
Twin Flame Breakup: The Twin Flame Separation Reasons
The Lesson of Twin Flame Separation: Why Your Twin Flame Relationship Had To End
Twin Flame Breakup: How Does The Twin Flame Journey End?
The Lesson of Twin Flame Separation pin
The Lesson Of Twin Flame Separation: Why Your Twin Flame Relationship Had To End

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  1. Frankie Mitchell Avatar
    Frankie Mitchell

    I’ve been reading as much as I can on Twin Flame relationships and this reading here was written very well and it does explain the basics. Most people who have lost a twin flame will recognize this. For myself though, I had about 19 days to deal with her “Runner” phase, and me becoming the “chaser”. I left for a week in between this going 3000 miles away to give her space for the last six days before we moved out of our house. I went to California and the code for crazy in Cali is 5150. I actually manifested things that I didn’t know was possible on both ends, bad and good. Knowing a 6 year chapter was about to end, I literally burnt the entire period down to the ground, making her and I absolute polar opposites. This chapter though began on 12-21-12, so I believe the 11:11 thing was eclipsed many times over. We had first met in 2002 and this was going to be the third break-up we had in 16 years and someone who I will call a friend is always lurking in the background and came to me playing Devil’s Advocate just weeks before the break-up. When I returned to pack up our house and go separate ways, I had 6 days and her Mother who I love to death helped make things go super smooth, and it went far better then I imagined. The girl was and had been under some sort of spell, if not both of us and the only person I spoke to was the “friend” I mentioned above. This was through Facebook messenger and I played out the various scenario’s of what was about to happen and it didn’t end up in a good place, except for the fact that I got it off my chest. I only have myself to blame if a worse case scenario happens, but she is a very smart if not angelic lady, she created the ultimate Twin Flame situation where I have to do me as best as I can. She walked away 11 days ago which feels like an eternity to me, but there has been no contact and won’t be any contact from my end. The pitted, gutted & ultimate pain is difficult but I am a soldier, I decided to man up and do what the universe is expecting me to do with no expectations. I just figured writing this may be a good idea for others going through it.

    1. Brandy Wair Avatar
      Brandy Wair

      Thank u.

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