7 Reasons Why Sex Is Important In A Relationship

7 Reasons Why Sex Is Important In A Relationship

To some individuals, sex is an important “must” in a relationship, while to others, it is not nearly as essential to having a meaningful connection.

Being in love is a heady feeling that makes two people want to connect on every level, including a sexual one. It offers many physical and psychological benefits.

Whether you believe that regular sex is a deal-breaker or that you can take it or leave it, sex can help to improve the bond between two people and can offer health benefits for the body and mind.

Here Are 7 Reasons Why Sex Is So Important In A Relationship

1. Provides Connection

Being sexually involved with another person brings you closer together because it is the most intimate thing two people can do together.

It is not just what you do together in bed that promotes connection and closeness, but simply seeing each other in a naked and vulnerable state helps to fan the flames of desire and draw you closer together as a couple.

Attraction, love, and chemistry can all work together to provide a warm and strong connection.

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2. Longer Lifespan

Sex is important in a relationship because it can contribute to a longer life. Having one orgasm on a daily basis can keep your body healthy.

The health benefits of climaxing at least once in a 24 hour period will be maximized because it helps to keep the levels of estrogen, testosterone, and oxytocin high and to flow consistently as nature intended. This can extend your lifespan.

The health benefits of regular sexual activity go even further than that. Having sex often is good for the heart as it keeps it beating strong. In males, it reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

It is also believed to decrease the potential for developing osteoporosis. Frequent lovemaking can help you both live longer lives.

3. Stress Relief

After a long tension-filled day at work, what do you want more than to release the stress you are feeling with sex?

Not only can lovemaking help to release stressful feelings that you are having, but it also takes your mind off of your troubles and can restore your energy levels.

According to experts, those who engage in regular sex are better able to respond to the demands put upon them by stressful circumstances in comparison to those who do not.

4. Physical Fitness

Sex is physical in nature so think of it as a type of exercise. In that way, the more you indulge in it, the more physically fit you will become!

There could not be a more pleasurable means of getting into shape for anyone! Sex is a contact sport so be an eager participant as frequently as possible.

Studies have confirmed the calorie-burning reality of sexual activity. You burn 140+ calories for every 30 minutes of activity between the sheets. To burn a high number of calories in your sex time, you need to make it as hot as you can handle and stretch it out as long as you can.

The more sighing and moaning that takes place, the greater the calorie-burning effect (in the area of 18 to 32 calories).

5. Sleeping Well

The more working out you do between the sheets, the tired you are both likely to feel. Sex is an excellent sleep inducer, but not just because of the physical exertion that takes place.

Having intercourse causes your body temperature to drop, thereby bringing about a deeper and more restful sleep.

Exercising shortly before bedtime is not recommended because it speeds up the heart and other things that don’t encourage slumber. Sex is the one kind of exercise that is the exception to this so go ahead and have some couples time in bed before you fall asleep together in each others’ arms.

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6. Higher Self-Esteem

When you are enjoying sex with the love of your life, you feel good about yourself and the other person. If you are not having sex, or not having it very often, this can affect your self-esteem and might cause you to doubt your partner’s fidelity.

Spending quality time together making love will give your self-esteem and self-image a boost for all of the right reasons. It reinforces the bond the two of you share which will give rise to greater intimacy.

7. Creates Heat and Spice

Sex is a wonderful way to keep the heat and the spice in your romantic relationship. It recharges your batteries, spices up the most ordinary of days and keeps you both feeling sexy and desirable.

To keep the spontaneity in your relationship, you need heat, and you need spice. Sex will provide that. To keep things steamy and red hot with your partner, keep sex high on your priority list.

Sex is good for a relationship. It is important to take the time to get busy in the boudoir with your beloved. It fosters a stronger connection and can help to relieve stress.

It is a form of exercise that will help you to sleep better. It also gives rise to higher self-esteem, longevity, and keeps things steamy in all the right places.

If you want to know more about why sex is important in a relationship, then check this video out below:

Reasons Why Sex Is So Important In A Relationship
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