Why Your Married Man Won’t Let You Move On: 5 Reasons

Why Your Married Man Won’t Let You Move On

There can be various reasons why you may feel stuck in your relationship, especially in marriages, without being any of you at fault. Sometimes, some things can happen and you do feel it’s time to let go and move on. But what happens when your married man isn’t ready to let you go?

Are you feeling completely overwhelmed because your married man won’t let you move on? Have you finally found the strength to let him go but are you finding that he is making it very difficult for you to actually leave?

This is not unusual. Even if you’re making each other miserable, it has been hard to walk away and I am guessing a big part of that is because your married guy doesn’t want to let you go.

There are reasons why a married man won’t let you move on. Understanding those might be the key to you being able to make that final break, to get away from him so that you can have the life you want.

Married Man
Why Your Married Man Won’t Let You Move On: 5 Reasons

Here are 5 reasons why a married man won’t let you move on.

I hope they help you get the clarity you need to find the strength necessary to move forward.

1. You take care of him.

Be honest? How much of your time is spent taking care of your married man?

Do you support him when he has a fight with his wife? Do you listen to him when he talks about how unhappy he is in his marriage, how he hasn’t had sex for years, how she treats him like a child? Do you provide words of love and support? Do you rub his neck and give him all the love you can so that he can be happy?

Before he met you, your married man had to deal with his life on his own. He had to deal with his unhappiness, his loneliness, and his uncertainty about his future all by his lonesome. For many men, managing their emotions is not something they do easily.

So, now you’re asking him to let go of the one person who can give him the love and support that he needs. He thinks he will be miserable, and he might be because he believes that you are the only ticket out of that misery.

Ironically, you taking care of him is one of the reasons why he won’t leave his wife. Why would he? He has everything he needs from you, all that love and support, and he can keep his family and his finances intact.

So, one of the reasons why your married man won’t let you move on is because you take such good care of him. Perhaps now it’s time to stop doing that and only take care of yourself.

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2. The sex.

This is a pretty obvious one that I don’t need to go into much detail about but a big reason why your married man won’t let you move on is because of the sex.

Many married men have affairs because they aren’t getting any sex at home, or not enough to satisfy them. And then you came along and the sex was plentiful and amazing, as affair sex often is. Your married man most likely thought that he had died and gone to heaven, that you were the best sex he ever had, and letting go of it would destroy him.

If you leave him, that sex will go away. And that is a fate worse than death for any man.

If you are trying to move on from your man and he is not letting you go, know that one of the reasons is because of sex. Yes, he loves you, but sex is a major thing that makes it really hard to move on.

3. Obsession.

I know that when I was involved with a married man, one major reason why he wouldn’t let me go was that he was obsessed with me.

Before he met me, his life was miserable. He was in a job he hated, he was unhappily married, he was struggling with his finances and his kids were having a hard time. And then along I came and made his life wonderful.

My guy was sure that without me in his life, he would no longer be able to handle all the things that he needed to handle. He thought that I was the only one who could keep him from falling apart.  He believed that without me his life was hopeless.

So, one of the reasons why your married man won’t let you move on is because he is obsessed with you, he has a vision of you as his savior, as the only person who can make him happy, and that makes him paralyzed when it comes to letting you go.

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