Why I Travel Alone As A Married Woman

Why I Travel Alone As A Married Woman

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that these comments got me down. Even I questioned the validity of my journey and my priorities in general when confronted in this way by people I truly respected. Now that I was a wife, maybe it really was important for the marriage that I remain at home… but doing what, exactly? I’m a freelance writer, I’m trying to launch a business, and also I want to travel alone. Would it really make our relationship stronger if I were to be tied down?

The answer, of course, is a resounding, “no.”

Being single, married or anywhere in-between should have no bearing on whether or not we pursue the things that make us happy.

I’m writing this from a little cafe called Eva’s in San Ignacio, Belize. Not because I’ve abandoned my husband, but because, by pursuing the activities that serve me, I’ll be the version of myself that ultimately makes me a better me, and a better partner.

And because I like traveling solo. I like the way it forces me to depend on myself, to get creative in solving surprise problems, how I end up making more friends to avoid the loneliness every solo traveler faces at some point during their adventure. Some 1950s version of housewifery isn’t me, and I refuse to abide by that stereotype.

Why I Travel Alone As A Married Woman

Besides, being single, married, or anywhere in-between should have no bearing on whether or not we pursue the things that make us happy.

So I will continue to travel alone, calling home when I can, and feeling secure with the knowledge my partnership and my choices belong to me, and no one can take them, or the world, from me.

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Why I Travel Alone As A Married Woman
Why I Travel Alone As A Married Woman pin

10 thoughts on “Why I Travel Alone As A Married Woman”

  1. Avatar of Maureen Norton

    I never holiday with my husband. We have such yoyally different tastes. He prefers cloudy,rainy or snowy willd places. I prefer the desert and investigating archaeological sites.

  2. Avatar of Jenny Myers

    I absolutely love this post, the traditional way is definitely not for everyone, and yes, of course there is life ‘outside the box’ …..
    now although not quite the same circumstances, I’m also female and happily married and also love to travel, often with a male friend ….. sometimes it might be the three of us, other times it’ll be just my friend and I ….. it feels the most natural thing in the world for us and suits us all as individuals and our way of life …. my husband chooses not to travel at times either because of work or just a natural desire for some quiet time at home to just do and be what he wants to be. When travelling, I can be gone for a week or three months ……sometimes we all travel together, the bond of trust and love between us has just grown so much with these experiences, yet sadly it causes such judgement from people who live more traditional lives ….. this style of life may be out of the comfort zone of many, yet for us it gives such adventures, new experiences, new challenges and an opportunity to expand our minds hearts and life in general …… I would just like to add that this is obviously not a generational problem as we are in our sixties and seventies ….. quite hilarious when you think it can still cause such a reaction ……
    So, I would say, continue your travels Ali as you and your husband are truly blessed to have such trust and love for each other, true love really is about letting your partner go and grow because it’s what life is all about, restricting a person is no guarantee to happiness, far from it :)) love and light to all xx

  3. Avatar of Christine Thornton

    I would totally want to travel solo when I am married. Of course I would want to travel with him as well but I don’t see the problem of travelling along when you’re in a loving relationship and you’re both in agreement that it’s okay. I would want my husband to feel free to travel alone too

  4. Avatar of Kay Webb

    I love your article and am alone by choice. I like to travel, do things, can’t get into someone else’s stuff. You are awesome and so is your husband, who is a very smart man. Great couple. Traveling alone doesn’t negate the couple. Keep going.

  5. Avatar of Darlene Eva WhelanOehlert

    have been with my husband for almsot 28 years….seeing that my family lives out of state and I had a terminaly ill father who rec ently died..it was quite common for me to travel to see them alone …..everyone has their own life and their own decisions to make…just because you are married does not mean every aspect revolves on together -you are still indepedent…I have friends and interests he does not…as well as him….if you are open and honest and respectful and trust….you do what you need to do to make you happy…it is not always possible financially or physically to do everything together including travel…and now we are in the process of becoming full time rv’ers as we are now both retired so circumstances are better for us to travel together then when we both worked….quite honestly….relationships are individual to the parties involved and no one elses business…what works for some people may not work for others….and codependent relationships are not healthy and often over time lead to divorce…we are both very happy and continue to grow and evolve together as a couple…and one thing we both have in common in our shared traits is-neither one of us really cares what other people think about us or our relationship and what we do…perhaps if the “world” started minding their own business and concerned themeselves with their path in life-they might be happy as well…do what works for you,what makes you happy and the rest will follow…other people don’t pay your bills or live your life-you do

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