Why does God give us so many Monsters ?

Why does God give us so many Monsters ?

“Rafael?” “Yeah?” “Do we all have monsters?” “Yes.” “Why does God give us so many monsters?” “You want to know my theory?” “Sure.” “I think it’s other people who give us monsters. Maybe God doesn’t have anything to do with it.”
— Eenjamin Alire Saenz

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    There is a Bengali adage…"Daso chakre Bhawan Bhoot"….Our inability to to judge the situations of life often make us inwardly cruel. Cruelty also come from the experience of our personal exposure to the external world and sometimes even from our home or society. Sometimes people get exploited or tortured or become the worst victim of situations . They can not take instant revenge but an afflictions in mind influence not to comeout without revenge. Dual conflict start in our minds. When rational logical side say dont be monster at the same time animality pops up a desire to take revenge to pay them their own coin back. Spiritual people perceive such situations as our destiny and in due time you will get your justice and dont allow monster on your head. But ordinary human being carry the same monsters in their heart and mind to get their dues and elongate the agony.

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