5 Things That Happen When You Are An Awakened Soul On Earth

Things Awakened Soul Earth

You know you are an awakened soul when you see the world and life itself differently from other people. An awakened soul is a spiritually enlightened being, who looks past all the veils that society has put in everyone’s eyes, and works towards being someone who can contribute to humankind the right way.

They may be addressed as radical, hippies, rebels, misfits, oddballs, and whatnot, but the truth remains the same. Awakened souls are different, but they are good different. Adhering to societal norms and rules is not something they believe in; rather they are always looking to bring about true change and enlightenment.

“You wake up one day and it’s different, not so much in a physical way but in the way you look at things. I think when you reach that primary moment in your life, you finally have the courage to let go of the human attachments and start to live in a way that compliments your heart and soul.” – Nikki Rowe

Here Are 5 Things That Happen When You Are An Awakened Soul On Earth

1. You will start noticing that you don’t fit in any type of group or school of thought.

The feeling that no one can understand you is growing stronger. You know you are an awakened soul when you feel as if you don’t belong in this world and you get the urge to go ‘home’. The things that you once tolerated, you can barely stand now.

Light Warriors are not interested in media or anything else that people accept as ‘normal’. Spirituality becomes a way of life and you don’t feel the need to follow any religion or philosophy.

2. You become more compassionate.

As a warrior of light, you feel drawn to children, animals, the elderly, and nature. You would rather sit down and talk with a homeless person than attend an ‘important’ social event.

Your kindness is real and you never feel the need for revenge. You feel fulfilled only when you help the ones in need. You are completely aware that healing comes from the heart.

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3. You just know things. 

You don’t need words anymore. As a light warrior, you are experiencing deep emotions and need space and time to pray, contemplate, and meditate. Overcrowded places can easily overwhelm you because you’re sensitive to other people’s energy and vibrations.

You sense others without obvious communication. Light warriors need isolation in order to charge their batteries because receiving and filtering other people’s vibrations can be draining.

Awakened soul
Awakened soul

4. People always tell you about their problems.

There is a fine thread of light that connects light warriors with other people. Their heart is wide open and people feel safe to confess their secrets, confide their problems and share personal experiences with them.

Light warriors are careful listeners who help others in time of difficulties by conveying the universal wisdom.

5. Light Warriors are not afraid of death and dying. 

Death is nothing but a door that leads to another level of existence. Many of these people had close encounters with death, were extremely sick or they overcame many life obstacles.

Their Journey allows them to let go of the illusion that death is final. Light warriors accept that life is transcendental.

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As a warrior of light, your task is to keep your heart open, cultivate your conscious mind and help others ‘survive’ the transition we’re going through. It’s not your job to change anybody; just accept their choices and spread the Divine Light. Your presence represents an important improvement of spiritual evolution. You’re not alone.

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5 Things That Happen When You Are An Awakened Soul On Earth

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