What Your Walking Style Reveals About Your Personality


What Walking Style Reveals About Personality

Do you know your way of walking speaks volumes about your mood and personality? Your walking style i.e you walk fast or slow or walk with short strides or lunging steps can reveal whether you are an easy-going person or introvert or ambitious or charismatic.

A 2017 study provides robust evidence that an individual’s personality traits are associated with walking speed, posture, and the position of your arms. Caleb Backe, a health and wellness expert conducted research on walking speed and styles and compared the results with  “The Big 5” personality traits including openness, neuroticism, extraversion, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. The results are published in Social Psychological and Personality Science.

Do you know higher conscientiousness, extraversion, and openness are related to a faster walking speed? It means your mood, thoughts, feelings, and perspective towards life all affect your gait, how you walk and the speed of walking.

Walking Style Personality Quiz

For a clear understanding of walking style psychology and personality, I have listed 13 different styles of walking. Check out which one is yours and what your walking style says about your personality. If you think our walking-style quiz results are spot on drop a comment below.

1. Walking With Liveliness With Your Head Held High: The Achiever

walking style achiever
Personality Traits Based On Your Walking Style

This is a politician’s or influencer’s or achiever’s style of walking.

If you are a politician or an influencer, then you usually walk with an erect posture, your head held high, shoulders back, chest forward, and quick, springy steps. And your body language is lively and energetic. 

Looks like you are moving ahead with full steam. You tend to gesture consistently and can engage with anyone who passes you. Simultaneously, you keep an eye on your environment.

Achiever’s Walking Style and Personality Traits associated with:

  • You are a confident speaker 
  • You believe in actions not words
  • You like to take on new challenges
  • You crave new experiences
  • You tend to get bored easily
  • You are social and friendly
  • You inspire others to attain their full potential
  • You desire appreciation and acknowledgment
  • At times you may come across as insincere and phony

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 2. Taking Small Steps While Hunched Over: The Corrector

walking style corrector
Personality Traits Based On Your Walking Style

This is a corrector’s walking style.

Corrector’s walking style and Personality Traits associated with it:

  • You are introvert
  • You are shy and avoid eye contact when talking to people
  • You take time before connecting and building a deep bond with people 

3. Walking Very Slowly And Carefully: The Worrier

walking style worrier
Personality Traits Based On Your Walking Style

It’s a worrier’ walking style:

If you are a worrier, you walk slowly with short strides and may drag your feet.  While walking your eyes are on the ground and you may seem unsettled. You are cautious about your surroundings while walking. 

Worrier’s Walking Style and Personality Traits associated with it:

  • You are introvert and tight-lipped
  • You’re very thoughtful 
  • You prefer to live alone
  • Sometimes you may be vulnerable and fearful 
  • If you drag your feet often, then you are sad or lethargic and unable to detach yourself from the worries of life. 

4. Walking Very Quickly With Fast And Focused Strides: The Executive

walking style executive
What your walking style says about your personality

This is an executive’s walking style.

People who are executives walk very quickly, leaning their weight forward, but are confident. They hold their head high and focus on their thoughts or look at their phone, least bothered about people around them. So, they are likely to bump into others. 

Executive Walking Style and Personality Traits associated with:

  • You are a thinker and a  great problem solver.
  • You are intense and goal-oriented.
  • Sometimes you come across as an intense and unfriendly person.

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5. Walking In Medium-Paced, Confident Strides: The Supporter

walking style supporter
What your walking style says about your personality

It’s a supporter’s walking style!

If you are a supporter, you often walk with medium-paced and confident strides. You can make gestures, eye contact, and interact with people while walking. 

Supporter’s Walking Style and Personality Traits associated with:

  • You are helpful, cooperative, and dependable 
  • You can be a good team player 
  • You’ve good listening skills and think twice before speaking 
  • You are loyal and believe in unity and relationships

6. Walking With Short Strides: The Short Strider

walking style short strider
Walking style reveals personality traits

This is known as the short strider’s walking style.

If a woman is a short strider, it can be due to aches in the calves and hamstrings or an emerging hip problem.

Short Strider’s Walking Style and Personality traits associated with it:

  • You are self-centered 
  • You don’t expect much attention or time from other people 

7. Walking At A Slow To Medium Pace With A Relaxed Posture: The Chiller

walking style chiller
Walking style reveals personality traits

It’s a chiller’s walking style. 

If you’re a chiller, you usually walk with a relaxed body posture and an easy-going attitude. You walk at a slow to medium pace and are sometimes absorbed in your thoughts.

Chiller’s Walking Style and Personality Traits associated with it:

  • You are very calm and intuitive
  • You focus more on others than yourself
  • Sometimes you get caught up in an internal dialogue.
  • You can also appear to be an idler or easily influenced
  • You love to live your life in your own conditions

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8. Walking Very Confidently And With Intent: The Showboat

walking style showboat
Walking style reveals personality traits

It’s a showboat’s walking style. 

You tend to walk confidently, with heads held high, shoulders back, and swaying arms and hips in a way that catches people’s attention. 

Showboat’s Walking Style and Personality Traits associated with it:

  • You’re confident, self-absorbed, and unreliable
  • You have a charismatic and commanding personality 

 9. Walking With Arms Crossed: The Arm Crosser

walking style arm crosser
Walking style reveals personality traits

This is an arm crosser’s walking style.  

If you are walking with your arms crossed, it is considered unsafe because you can be easy prey for attackers. Walking fast and confidently without crossing your arms is safer according to communication experts. 

Arm Crosser’s Walking Style and Personality Traits associated with it:

  • You love your alone time or prefer to live alone 
  • Sometimes it is a sign of weakness and vulnerability 

10. Walking Style Is More Of A Stomp: The Defender

walking style defender

It’s a stomper’s or defender’s walking style!

If you are a stomper you may come across as an angry person while walking because you take long strides and press your feet hard on the ground. It could be because of the positioning of your limbs, which usually results in the loss of sensation in the limbs. 

Defender’s Walking Style and Personality Traits associated with:

  • You are confident and have the gravitas
  • Your words carry undeniable reason
  • You know how to defend your beliefs
  • You have a keen sense of right and wrong
  • You protect people who cannot protect themselves
  • You know how to handle a difficult situation
  • You may come across as a person full of anger and frustration
  • You are persistent 
  • You may have a childish nature

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11. Walk And Multi-Task Simultaneously: The Multitasker

walking style the multitasker

It’s a multitasker’s walking style!

If you are a multitasker, you walk with strong lunging steps. And perform multiple tasks simultaneously like talking over the phone or helping someone cross the road or other things at once.  

Multi-Tasker Walking Style and Personality Traits associated with it:

  • You are creative and imaginative 
  • You’ve problem-solving skills 
  • You are brave 
  • You’re always there for your friends 
  • You may expect others also to match up to your expectations and level

12. Walking With Droopy Shoulders And Eyes On Path: The Thinker

walking style thinker
Walking style reveals personality traits

This is a thinker’s walking style!

Thinker’s Walking Style and Personality Traits associated with it:

  • You are a rationale and compassionate thinker
  • You’re empathetic and feel things deeply
  • You don’t hesitate to give all you have to someone you love, without expecting anything in return
  • You would hurt yourself rather see than see others in pain

13. Walk With Head High In Cheerful Rhythm: The Leader

walking style leader

It’s a header or leader’s walking style!

Leader’s Walking Style and Personality Traits associated with it:

  • You are the head, the boss, you are born to lead
  • You can brainstorm ideas and be the pathfinder
  • You value understanding over judgment
  • You know how to deal with things in the right way
  • People come to you for guidance and solutions
  • You are a mastermind
  • You can be a good mentor

What is your walking style? What does it say about your personality? Comment and let us know. Also, feel free to share our walking personality test with your friends and folks.

walking style pinop
What Your Walking Style Reveals About Your Personality
walking style pin
Quiz: Walking style reveals your personality
What Walking Style Reveals About Personality pin
What Walking Style Reveals About Your Personality pin

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