What Type of Soul Do You Have? Personality Quiz

What Type of Soul Do You Have Personality Quiz

Have you ever wondered about what type of soul resides inside you?
Before we start our journey in life, we choose a certain role to take on. This role helps to mold who we are, our abilities, and the way we interact with people around us.

This role is also known as our soul!

Your soul is your innermost being and helps to define who you really are. Your soul will take on one of seven roles, the names given to these roles are the Priest, Server, Artisan, Warrior, King, Sage, and Scholar.

Do you know which of the seven souls you are?

Take the test below to know. 

Now that you know what Soul Type you are, let’s check out the characteristics of each type below.

1. Server soul

What Type of Soul Do You Have ?
Server Soul – What Type of Soul Do You Have?

Server souls are incredibly caring and nurturing people. They are always accommodating of people’s needs and care deeply about alleviating suffering.

The Server wants to make the world a better place, seeking well-being for all. Friendly, loving, and devoted, the Server isn’t too proud to ask for help when needed.

Although the Server has many positive traits, they can often become a ‘doormat’, allowing people to take advantage of their good nature. Servers can also become overworked and frustrated.

The Server is a common role, making up around 30% of the population. Common careers for servers are doctors, nurses, social workers, and waiters/waitresses.

2. Artisan Soul

artisan soul
Artisan Soul – What Type of Soul Do You Have?

Artisans are creative and imaginative individuals who are great thinkers, as well as being incredibly expressive.

Think about the clothes you wear and the car you drive, Artisans tend to be the people behind some of the most famous artistic, mechanical, and technological advances in the world! They are inventive, original, spontaneous, and stylish and are not content unless they are doing something productive. Despite this, Artisans can be artificial, emotional, and moody.

This soul makes up around 22% of the population and is usually found in careers such as artists, inventors, engineers, architects, mechanics, and crafts.

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3. Warrior Soul

warrior Soul
Warrior Soul – What Type of Soul Do You Have?

Warriors love a challenge and are driven by their achievements and accomplishments in life. Rewards are great incentives for Warriors to get things done and achieve their goals.

They also respond well to punishment! Warriors enjoy physical activity and so love to keep active. In general, this soul is energetic and determined, they are extremely focused and determined and are also known as survivors. Warriors can be very hot-tempered, blunt, and narrow-minded, with a slightly intimidating, devious streak!

Warriors makeup around 17% of the population and are suited to careers such as soldiers, athletes, bouncers, and salesmen.

4. Scholar Soul

scholar Soul
Scholar Soul – What Type of Soul Do You Have?

Scholars are naturally curious, studious people, and often excel academically. They are regularly the ‘star of the class’ in life.

Comfortable around data, they love to experiment and learn, broadening their knowledge and skillsets. Adventurous, easy-going, knowledgeable, logical, methodical, and observant are all common traits of the Scholar, they can, however, be a little arrogant, overbearing, and overly theoretical.

Scholars make up around 13% of the population and are often found in careers involving Science, Mathematics, and research.

5. Sage Soul

sage Soul
Sage Soul – What Type of Soul Do You Have?

The Sages are incredibly charismatic and charming! They are usually colorful, dramatic, fun-loving, and expressive people who are natural-born entertainers.

Artisans are comfortable voicing their thoughts in public either verbally or through art, music, and dance. Due to their love for performance and expressing themselves, Sages are happy in careers such as entertainers, musicians, actors, teachers, and public speakers. Sages can sometimes come across and arrogant, deceptive, and demanding of attention. They can be known as the gossips and drama queens in society, however, they are fun-loving, light-hearted, and friendly and will always keep you entertained.

This soul makes up 10% of the population.

6. Priest Soul

Priest Soul – What Type of Soul Do You Have?

Naturally uplifting, energizing, and motivating, Priests are wonderful at seeing the potential in people and bringing out their good qualities.

They are caring, compassionate, nurturing humans who often inspire others.

Priests are usually very spiritual people and makeup around 7% of the population. Common careers for the Priest include pastors, ministers, preachers, and counselors.

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7. King Soul

King Soul – What Type of Soul Do You Have?

Kings are commanding, powerful, and authoritative individuals who make great leaders.

They are perfectionists and tend to get things done to the highest of standards. Kings are great at solving problems, but can be controlling, demanding, overbearing, and sometimes ruthless!

The King makes up around 13% of the population and is suited to careers in politics and government, as well as managers and executives where their strong leadership skills can come into play.

So, there you go. These are all the different types of souls that exist. What did you get? Let us know in the comments below!

If you want to know more about what the different types of soul, then check out this video below:

What Type of Soul Do You Have? Personality Quiz
What Type of Soul Do You Have Personality Quiz pin

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