What Is A Soul Call?

What Is A Soul Call?

What is a soul call?

You feel like you are falling in love. You might not even like this person, but you want to know everything there is to know about them. Most of all, you just want to be there for them. Once you’ve helped them, you suddenly lose interest and you have no idea why. You may have just experienced a soul call.

What Is A Soul Call?

So what is a soul call?

A soul call is a cry for help or assistance from one person to another on a soul level. Soul levels can be described as the higher part of our being and are normally accessed through prayers or asking the universe, God or whatever your belief may be.

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Those who answer such calls tend to be highly sensitive people, healers, people who want to help society or Empaths. When you answer a soul call, especially for the first time, you might well experience the following emotions.

  • A sense of falling in love with someone.
  • You may become obsessed with the person. You can’t get them out of your head no matter what.
  • You may feel the urge to pass on a message, even if it doesn’t make any sense.
  • You may feel you need to be there for support or comfort.
  • You may not like the person on a mental, emotional or physical level.
  • You might hear or feel thoughts that are not yours telling you to help in some way.

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How can I tell the difference between love and a soul call?

The definition of love has always been up for debate. Personally, I define love as Love is something that makes you feel complete. It is not a desire to save someone or get something from them. It is where you are in harmony with another and they are in harmony with you.

There is acceptance for who the other is, warts and all. There is a flow with love. It is a connection on all levels. The soul call, on the other hand, normally comes with a sense of compassion and need, often overwhelming desire to help another.

There is generally a sense of sympathy and need to want to make their life better or an obsessive feeling that you must be in their life in some way. I suggest using your feelings and asking if this is a soul call? If it feels right, then the answer is generally yes.

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Okay, I think I have a soul call. What do I do now?  

Your first soul call can be embarrassing.  Often people tell me that once they have identified that they have a soul call, they have no idea how to approach it. They say they feel foolish or silly going up to someone and giving them a message.

My advice is to tell them: I have this feeling I have to tell you something and it’s up to you how you decide to use it.   Then you can just tell them. Very seldom do people think you are crazy as it’s often what they need to hear.   Not all soul calls are messages, though. Some might be helping someone out with a problem of some kind. Generally, when someone is called, it’s because they have the tools and abilities to provide a solution.

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Traps to watch out for.  

A soul call, misunderstood, can lead to unintended consequences. For instance, when it is mistaken for being in love, you might enter into a relationship or even end up getting married.  Once the call ends, it’s quite normal for the feelings associated with the call to disappear, too. So the love and pull you felt will no longer be there and you may be now bound to a person you do not wish to be with.

It is easy to misunderstand why a feeling or pull is no longer there. You may struggle to regain it or worse, pretend to yourself that you still feel the same way.   It’s also worth noting that sometimes the person you are helping can become obsessed with you. Because you helped them, they may want more of what you have to offer or they may even desire your energy. (Certain people give out a very comforting or reassuring presence that people can become addicted to.)

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Test soul calls.  

Sometimes the caller may not be ready for help. You may get a pull to help, however, you may find that that pull might disappear them the moment you give assistance. You can’t do anything more. It might be just a matter of timing.

Sometimes people need several attempts before they can do what they need to do for themselves. As always, keep on checking your feelings. If they change, it means something in the equation has also changed.

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  1. Avatar of Teresa Hooper Black

    Ostacia Nesbit, this is me! Remember me telling you I get in relationships and when situations are right for them I step back and say, “my job is done…they will be okay now”……

  2. Avatar of Rosemary Sell

    I’ve often been sent for people who need help and healing, I know when my work is done. They move on with a new lease of life and I am exhausted. I have no regrets. It is my calling.

    1. Avatar of Ann M Dumais

      Had this happen like about a month ago … it was intense ,strong and ended up destroying a friendship. Wasn’t a strong friendship but it crushed it …

    2. Avatar of Jeremy Voelkel

      I don’t want it to end up that way. I’ve been single for 6 years . But these new feelings, don’t know what to do with them. I’ve been so strong. Now so weak

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