Are You Up for the Challenge? Try to Answer All 9 Questions in the Campsite Puzzle and TEST Your IQ


Viral Campsite Puzzle Minute Challenge To Test Your IQ

This viral campsite puzzle features an image of a group that is on a camping holiday. Most people are struggling to get the answers right. Can you solve it?

This brain teaser is apparently taken from an old children’s magazine and is designed to test aptitude, observation, logic, and reasoning. We’re not sure how children are solving this camping picture quiz but it seems like most adults are having a tough time answering the questions given below.

Are you ready to take up this challenge? Let’s see how well you do. Take a careful look at the viral picture given below and answer the questions.

Viral Campsite Puzzle Minute Challenge Test internal

The best thing to do is to keep a pen and paper beside you, so that you can write down your answers and check the results later.

Once you have all the answers ready, scroll below to see the correct answers. Make sure you don’t peep into the answers when it comes to testing your IQ

Viral Quiz: Campsite Puzzle – Are You Ready To Test Your Intelligence Under 2 Mins?

Read these 9 camping quiz questions and answers below carefully!

The questions to this scout camping quiz:

  • 1. How many tourists are staying at the camp?
  • 2. Did the tourists arrive today or a couple of days ago?
  • 3. How did the tourist get to the campsite?
  • 4. How far away is the closest town from the ?
  • 5. Which direction does the wind blow from: north or south?
  • 6. What time of day is it?
  • 7. Where did Alex go?
  • 8. Who was on duty yesterday? (Give their name)
  • 9. What day is it today?

The answers to the questions above:

Viral Campsite Puzzle Minute Challenge Test answer
  • 1. You will notice four names on the duty list. Other than that you will notice four sets of cutlery on the picnic blanket which indicate four people.
  • 2. They arrived a few days ago. How do we know that? Well, there is a spider web between their tent and a tree, which indicates they’ve been at the campsite for a while.
  • 3. The oars next to the tree imply that they got there by boat.
  • 4. The chicken wouldn’t be walking around in the area if the closest village was too far.
  • 5. By observing the flag on top of the tent and the trees, one can determine the direction of the wind. Typically, the branches on the southern side of the trees tend to be longer, indicating that the wind is blowing from the south.
  • 6. Based on the position of the shadows, one can tell that the sun is towards the east, this also suggests that it’s morning.
  • 7. Notice the scoop net behind the tent, this indicates that Alex is the one who is catching butterflies.
  • 8. Yesterday, Colin was on duty and is presently searching for something in his backpack, which is labeled with the letter “C”. James is busy capturing photographs, while Alex is catching butterflies. As for today, Peter is the one on duty.
  • 9. It’s August 8th  as you will notice Peter is on duty and there is a watermelon on the ground. Apparently, Watermelons ripen during the month of August.

Check Your IQ Level Below:

  • If you answer all 9 questions correctly, your IQ level is high.
    You can easily survive in the wild for days!
  • If you answer more than 6 questions correctly, your IQ level is above average.
    With the help of your team, staying in the wild won’t seem so tough.
  • If you answer more than 4 questions correctly, your IQ level is average.
    You need to be better if you want to stay in the wild.
  • If you answer less than 3 questions correctly, your IQ level is below average.
    This unsolvable puzzle probably got the better of you!

So, how many of the 9 questions could you answer from this children’s puzzle, and under how many minutes and what is your IQ level? Tell us your score in the comments section below.

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